BEAUTIFUL WOODEN SCULPTURES OF BALI Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali Culture Dajuma People
Graduated from the Carver’s School of Tabanan, Agus is one of our local suppliers who takes care of all our decorative carvings in the purest Balinese tradition. After having completed the carving of 145 meters above the doors and windows of our Bendega villas last May (see picture below), he is used to come every friday at Dajuma to show to our guests his know-how by carving in front of them. Here on the picture he shows one of his new creation, a mythic bird which will decorate one of our rooms or maybe will be bought by one of our guests. Agus is also the brother of our lovely Padmi, waiter in our restaurants. We love what you are doing Agus!


  1. Vanessa

    Love to see the talent from your local community. Angus is very clever and must have so much dedication and patience.

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