After a long day devoted to sport and children, a good moment of relaxation in front of the setting sun is always welcome. This is the best time of day for reading and meditation. All accompanied, why not, by a delicious cocktail. A moment that we all want to rediscover when Bali opens again to tourism, no later than early August, hopefully! This photo was sent to us this week by a client and friend who came to celebrate his forty-fifth birthday with his family.


Our staff is used to have one hour break during their service of 8 hours. And, of course, the question is “What to do during this break besides eating which last a few minutes in Indonesia” ? All around the world the main option is to play with his/her smartphone, send messages to friends on social networks, etc. Here in Bali, it’s different: one can see very often people playing chess in the villages. Our staff does not make exception to the rule: they love playing chess, saying that it is the most relaxing activity they can dream of. On the picture, this is what Hendra (left) and Neng’ah (right), our restaurant supervisor and waiter are doing. And the winner is… (no need to know because they don’t care!)


Recently, we had the pleasure to host a group of yoga sent by our partner and on Yoga specialized German tour operator, Yoga Travel and Friends ( which is used to send a lot of yoga groups to Bali for round trips, retreats and individual tours.
The group from Munich, Germany, called Djaya Yoga & Soundhealing stayed for 4 nights, practiced a combination of Yin Yoga and Sound Healing as well as Yin Yang Yoga and meditation twice a day at our yoga shala overlooking the Indian Ocean. Under the lead of Tanja Seehofer (Yoga Teacher) and Yann Kuhlmann (Musician) 8 members of the group enjoyed their activities. Beside practicing the yoga, they also enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of Dajuma by doing massages, beauty treatments, pool and beach activities or even just laying on the hammock or long chair under the sun. In the end of their stay, they really enjoyed the entertainment night with Balinese music and dances, everybody was very happy some of the participants also decided to extend their stay with us. We hope to see you back next year! Meanwhile enjoy the festive season and a beautiful end of year celebrations.


Our guests who love surfing the Medewi wave, the longest left wave in the world with almost 500 meters long, have the choice to get there either by foot along the beach (20 min) or by car (10 min). A free shuttle service is offered to them on demand. On the picture, Juergen with the surfboard, Scott and Laurel from USA enjoy a lot this service, by combining every day, surf at Medewi and relax and wellness at Dajuma.


Recently, Dajuma had the great pleasure of hosting a group from Romania. Around the organizers, Ruxandra, Ciprian (, and Hindu priests from Bali, more than fourty participants initiated themselves to the practice of yoga and meditation according to the 3 principles of Tri Hita Karana, the famous traditional philosophy of Bali: harmony with the Gods, harmony with nature and harmony between humans. A great moment of sharing, very symbolic in this beginning of the year!


Among many assets, Dajuma offers to its guests a lot of places in its 1,5 ha tropical garden where the master words are RELAX and UNWIND. Let’s have a look at these places: along the 200 meters seashore, just a few steps from the beach, comfortable long chairs, hammocks, swings and Gazebos await your visit with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Even when the hotel is full you will always find a tranquil place where to relax. A little bit higher, our Bendega Pool deck is also another place to visit: overlooking the fishermen beach and the Medewi surfing spot, you will be fascinated by the mouvements of the fishing boats and the surfers. But the cherry on the cake is definitively the sunset. Fully oriented West, the entire property offers unforgettable sunsets. Looking forward to welcoming you soon!


Try to imagine yourself and your wife lying on a comfortable massage table installed under a traditional thatched roof called Gazebo in Bali with two skilled masseurs taking care of you during 1h15 mn with the sound of the sea and the song of the birds as sonor background. This is exactly what our Spa offers to our guests every day in our garden just a few steps from the sea. A pure moment of relaxation and happyness not to be missed!


Practicing yoga at Dajuma is increasingly popular among our guests. Under the leadership of our yogi Tini, this discipline of body and mind can be practiced in multiple places in our resort: in our Baruna hall with its breathtaking view of the ocean, but also on our new pool deck Bendega or in the gardens bordering the beach. Another possibility consists in practicing it from its own room as shown by Monika on this picture.


Where is the best place  to unwind during summertime after a long and hectic professional year? The answer is definitively here at Dajuma, far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, where our staff will have thousands of attentions to make your stay unforgettable.
Let’s take an example of a perfect day in paradise: wake-up in the morning not too late to see the dawn while strolling on the beach for one hour. Around eight, time for breakfast in the garden just in front of the spectacular cape where hundreds of birds are playing with the tide. After that, it’s time for activities such as yoga, sporting or touring around the nearby authentic West Bali. After the lunch taken in one of our 3 restaurants perhaps would you like to make a break like this nice lady on the picture or join our wellness center for a revigorating massage. The dusk coming around 6:30 p.m. it is time to savor a delicious cocktail  before dining in a romantic atmosphere either on the beach or in front of one of our Teppanyaki cook. A day fully occupied, perfectly balanced between physical and cultural activities, where the master word is “relax”!


Would you like to breath deeply, change your mind, have some exercise on a regular basis? Puri Dajuma allows all that with a choice of venues, or in  natural and quiet places.
Besides the every-day yoga session which usually takes place in the Baruna hall with an overhanging view of the ocean, our guest Karin on the picture, found her own atmosphere for meditation.
In the shade of the coconuts lining the beach, with the sound of the waves at her feet.
What will be yours ?