A new free map to discover the surroundings of Dajuma

Dajuma is located nearby the village of Pekutatan, at the edge of West Bali National Park. The whole area  counts something like 15’000 inhabitants, in a harmonious mix of farmers and fishermen as well as Hindu and Islam religions. A lot of authentic wonders to discover for our guests, by foot, bicycle or motorbike, from the virgin sandy seashore where colorful prahos are operated by athletic fishermen to the rice paddies carefully cultivated by skilled and sympathetic farmers. To facilitate the discovery of the surroundings of Dajuma, we decided to create a detailed map where the roads and paths are clearly indicated as well as the the main points of interest.
You can download it here. Hope you will like it!

7 years of success for our « Bali Free Map »

In 2007, our hotel decided to publish for the first time, a « Bali Free Map ». The original idea was to inform our guests about the points of interest of the West part of the island usually neglected by the guides. Year after year the map has been enhanced by new curiosities brought by our staff and other locals themselves. Today, after almost 7 years of existence, our Bali Free Map is one of the most complete, used and appreciated by thousands of Bali lovers. This last edition does not derogate to the rule by perpetuating the tradition of new wonders to be discovered in West Bali, all of them being stamped “Bali Authentic »!
To download the last version of our Bali Free Map.