Happy quarantine at Dajuma for Lucas's family

Happy quarantine at Dajuma for Lucas’s family

Last week, we had the privilege to welcome Lucas’s family. With his wife Lise and young 7 years old son Elan, they plan to live in Bali for some time. Elan will join the famous local Green School. Lucas is one of our loyal guest, he already staid with us 2 years ago with his family, Mr. Russ.

At the beginning, Lucas planned to do the self quarantine at Dajuma from December 29th, 2020 to January 13th, 2021. But when they arrived in Jakarta coming from Singapore, the authorities asked them to do a first quarantine period of 5 days, with 2 PCR tests at the beginning and at the end of the period. All the results being negative, they were allowed to enter Bali on January 1st, 2021 and come to Dajuma to start a new quarantine.

Lucas and family staid for 15 days, they said that they really enjoy their stay with us. They particularly loved the good atmosphere, the quietness and the space, just perfect for quarantine. Elan also liked our tropical garden and the pool slide. They said they will come back. We wish you all the best in your new life in Bali!

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