A DAJUMA EXPERIENCE Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Failing to be able to speak about the news of Dajuma – the hotel being empty – let us give the floor to our dear customers who make us the friendship to visit us regularly, for some of them several times a year. This testimony was sent to us from Australia by email on April 10th:
“My husband & I spent our 50th wedding anniversary in this beautiful place last January. Every person that works there was gentle, caring and exuded peace fullness. The resort was gorgeous, the food wonderful, but it was all the staff that made us smile. The manager went out of his way to make sure we were happy. On our last day we stepped out of our room to the most precious gift of plumeria blossoms in the shape of a heart were on our patio. Word for how we felt for the entire staff.”
One million thanks dear Robin & Robert for your kind words which have enchanted our staff! Please come again soon!

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL? Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


After a few weeks of confinement in Bali, it seems that the recovery is slowly progressing. The number of people infected is not growing exponentially like in the other countries and the number of fatal cases is only 3 to date (https://infocorona.baliprov.go.id). One could say that the Island of Gods deserves its name.
But health recovery does not yet mean economic recovery. The latter will also depend on the decision taken by other countries to open their borders and allow their populations to travel again. The opening dates announced by certain European countries do not allow us to hope for a restart in Bali before the end of May, at the earliest. Let us form the wish that it will be sooner.
At Dajuma, thanks to the foresight and commitment of our staff, we found the way to keep the hotel opened despite the rare customers and to offer them a full service from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. So, do not hesitate to visit us. In Dajuma we are sure you will forget about this unusual epidemic for a moment.
Waiting for better times, take good care of yourself!

FRUIT SEASON IN BALI Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Now is the fruit season in Bali, there are a lot of fruits that one can find, mainly mangosteen, duku, rambutan and durian. This year the harvest is particularly rich in quantity and quality. But the pandemic has changed the habits of the producers. Usually, those fruits are easily found along the roads. Now, due to the Covid19, only few of them are left, the producers preferring to sell them online to respect the “physical distancing” rule. But don’t worry: sold on the roads or on line, both of them are as usual delicious! Are you good at recognizing tropical fruits? Try to find on the picture mangosteen, passion fruit, salak, rambutan, duku, pomelo, soursop and mango.

BALI IN THE CRISIS Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali tropical garden


Very strange situation in Bali at the moment! The traffic on the roads, usually busy, is almost null, as well as in the streets. The villagers have been instructed to stay at home, what is widely respected. Hotels are no exception to the rule. Most of them operate in a reduced manner or are completely closed.
For Dajuma, we continue to welcome a few rare customers with a reduced team which nevertheless provides all the services of the hotel including catering, wellness and beach activities. With the legendary Balinese smile as a bonus! Don’t miss to stay for a few nights or just stop over for a lunch or dinner. We guarantee you will be, as usual, very warmly welcomed!