MERRY CHRISTMAS Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


This year, the celebration of Christmas at Dajuma was particularly joyful and animated: large flags at the entrance of the resort, laser show in the garden, Rindik Balinese orchestra, surprise gift to our guests and – cherry on the cake – a gastronomic dinner served under the stars and prepared by our kitchen brigade under the guidance of Paul, a young and talented French chef.
Just to tempt you, here is what was the menu:
Mouthing: Sweet corn, curry & coconut velouté topped on grilled vegetables
Starter: Fresh red snapper tartare with passion fruit seeds, avocado & bergamot cream
Seafood: Seared tuna in roasted sesame crust, crunchy vegetables in brunoise and pineapple sauce
Meat: Special roasted duck in Dajuma style
Dessert: Exotic fresh fruits & Christmas spices.
All this for only 245,000 Rp. Who says better?
Another unforgettable Dajuma experience! Merry Christmas!
Why don’t you join us for the New Year Eve. We are preparing another magic night with 3 orchestras, a live singer, dancing, fireworks and one more unique gastronomic dinner. Don’t forget to make a reservation at

FISHERMEN LIFE NEAR DAJUMA Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali fishing cooking


Dajuma is located just next door the fishermen village of Pekutatan. Every morning, our guests can assist to the return of these beautiful prahos which spent all the night long trying to catch fish and seafood. It is a rare moment of sharing with these courageous fishermen who are always happy to talk to our guests, and sometimes invite them to fish. Our cooks are also ready to cook their fresh catch for the greater enjoyment of our guests. Another unique Dajuma experience is’nt it?

DAJUMA BEACHES Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Rare are the beaches in the world where you can walk for miles without being bothered by the crowds and beach sellers. This is however the case for the beaches surrounding Dajuma, so appreciated by our customers. On the West side, this is a sandy beach very safe for swimming and surfing. A little bit further, the famous Medewi surfing spot. On the East side, another sandy beach is 20 km long where swimming is not recommended on the first 300 meters because of the currents. But after that, it is just paradise for swimmers, fishermen and body-boarders. Just try, we are sure you will like it! On the picture Evelyn strolling in the sunset on the East beach.

AGUNG VOLCANO: WHAT'S UP? Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali Photograph: Juni Kriswanto/AFP/Getty Images


It is extremely difficult to predict the behavior of a volcano. As far as Agung Volcano is concerned, the eruptive process already began with 3 eruptions last week. The worst scenario would be a pyroclastic eruption. But this would affect the slopes of the volcano only and for this risk, the authorities have already taken the necessary measures by defining a 7 to 15 km security perimeter around it in order to avoid reproducing the situation of the 1963 eruption where 1100 villagers living on the slopes of the volcano were killed.

Now the question is: should we, as tourists, come to Bali or not?

The answer is definitively yes because the pyroclastic risk is null as long as you respect the security perimeter. The only remaining issue is the cloud of ashes which can disrupt the air traffic. Since the first signs of activity in September, a lot of ashes have already been evacuated and Ngurah Raï airport has re-opened after only a few days of closure. More than 50 cities in the world are living close to an active volcano.

Because of its location 80 km from Agung volcano, the risk of being disturbed in Dajuma is really very weak. Moreover, in case of closure of the airport, we offer free stay for the extra days you would be obliged to spend with us or, if you prefer, we would take care of the re-routing of your flight from Java (Banyuwangi or Surabaya) and organise all the necessary transportation by car.

No reason why you should hesitate to come visiting us! We look forward to welcoming you soon! Have a nice trip to Bali!

On the picture, Tourists gather at Amed beach to watch the eruptions.
Photograph: Juni Kriswanto/AFP/Getty Images