POOL LIFTING Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


We recently changed the edge of our 20 x 10 m overflowing swimming pool for a natural stone from India which is just incredibly beautiful : the color of the stone is changing all the time, depending on  the light and the quantity of water on it.
From golden irisations to  purple reflects passing through silver shimmers, it is a real pleasure to stay on the edge of the pool.
Hope you will like it!

BACK FROM FISHING… AND DIRECT TO YOUR PLATE Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


A nice spectacle from Dajuma garden, at sunrise or sunset, is the return of prahos coming back from their daily  fishing campaign. It is really impressive to see these fragile vessels negotiating the waves to land safely onto the shore next to Dajuma.
The village of Pekutatan where Dajuma is situated is well known for its fishermen: they supply all the area with fresh fish and seafood, including  our two restaurants Rama and Sinta.
Selamat makan (Enjoy your meal in Bahasa Indonesia).

Congratulations to Eka! Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Congratulations to Eka!

Putu Eka Rahayu Damayanthi is the eldest daughter of three sisters of our late Indra. Since her early childhood, led by her mother Kadek Anggrayani, herself talented dancer, Eka studied the Balinese dances so beautiful to look at but so difficult to execute! Today Eka is a beautiful girl of 17 who studies in senior high school in Negara with very good results.  But she also subjugates the spectators who watch in her interpretation of traditional Balinese dances. She used to perform her art in various competitions around the island and in each important event or celebration at Dajuma. Congratulations Dearest Eka!

EXERCISE ON THE BEACH Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Every week on Saturday, the children with their teachers come to the beach in front of Dajuma to do exercise.
The pupils come from the kindergarden to the elementary school in Pekutatan called TK Harapan 2. They choose this place because of the nice view and the proximity of the school.
On the picture, the children dancing under the guidance of their teacher Ibu Widiastuti.