Pekutatan “floating fishing market”

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Pekutatan "floating fishing market"

From the cape where Puri Dajuma stretches, one major point of interest is the everyday fishermen activity just besides. The nearby Pulukan river, and the Medewi one at 200 meters west, both going to the bay make it very attracting for the ocean fauna. It is not rare we can even see impressive Manta rays drawn from the sea, but not interesting for the fishermen. By the contrary of the number of excellent kinds of fish, catch from the above colourful traditional “prahos”we can see behind the memorial boat. Fish is then sold directly on the beach, put in insulated boxes and loaded to provide the great Denpasar market and others.

PURI DAJUMA is 18 top class cottages, 2 suites, 1 villa built in Balinese style, with a romantic restaurant, an overflowing pool and a SPA center, all enjoying a panoramic view of the ocean. Contact +62 (0)811 388709.

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Puri Dajuma ★★★★
Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali
☎ +62 (0)811 388709
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