Right in front of Dajuma, between two beaches of fine sand, is a volcanic cape. On it, the lava has drawn these “giant cooking pots” where it is good to bask in the sunset. For the local villagers, it’s a way of practicing what the westerners call the “Salut per Aqua” (SPA). As shown on the picture, our customers love to share this activity with them. The volcanic rock, rich in trace elements, combined with sea water and its iodized salt has surprisingly invigorating virtues. An original experience that will not fail to delight you, next time you decide to visit us!


Have you ever heard about the « WIM HOF METHOD » ( We were very pleasantly surprised when, last week-ned, our good friend Alex, founder of BookGreener, offered to our guests a very interesting workshop about this method and the way to improve our breathing with a lot of positive consequences on our bodies ( All participants were absolutely astonished by the outcome of the workshop: a really good feeling, most of them being able to double or even triple their breath capacity after only 30 mn exercising, up to 4’30” for one of them. But this « Better Breathing » step is just the beginning of a long and exciting story. Next step of the method consists in cold exposure by plunging your body into a cold bath, with even better positive effects on your body. We believe that this method will perfectly complement our wellness activities in our Spa. Why don’t you send your opinion about that by reacting to this blog? In any case, we will keep you posted! Cheers!


Try to imagine yourself and your wife lying on a comfortable massage table installed under a traditional thatched roof called Gazebo in Bali with two skilled masseurs taking care of you during 1h15 mn with the sound of the sea and the song of the birds as sonor background. This is exactly what our Spa offers to our guests every day in our garden just a few steps from the sea. A pure moment of relaxation and happyness not to be missed!


With its facilities comprising massage rooms and gazebo, whirlpool tub, hamman, hairdresser, manicure and pedicure, our Spa center is a place in Dajuma particularly appreciated by our guests who love resting after their treatments by savoring a ginger tea while looking at the sunset. The rest area being somewhat cramped, we decided to increase it by installing a glass floor on the pond surrounding the building. A beautiful place with colorful fishes strolling under your feet!


In terms of SPA “Sanitas Per Aquam” in Latin or “Health Through Water“, what is better than these giant pots shaped by the volcanoes lava for bathing? It is in these natural bassins filled with mineral-rich seawater by the tides that our guests and the villagers are used to relax, preferably at sunset, just before or after a Balinese massage, in front of the tropical garden of Dajuma. A good opportunity to discover the benefits of this “Volcano Spa” and to practice the “art of conversation” with other guests and locals. A pure moment of happiness as witnessed by the two little girls of the photo. Not to be missed on your next visit to Dajuma!

Want to improve your wellness and figure?

On the occasion of your holidays at Dajuma and, as a good resolution for the New Year, don’t miss the opportunity to improve your personal wellness and feel better in your body!
Tini, the head of our SPA Center, assisted by Yasuli and Jupri invites you to improve your shape and figure with a special fitness program combining the best of our SPA activities: Massage, whirlpool tub, Hammam, Yoga, Sport and, if desired, a diet regime.
Everyday, your progresses will be carefully recorded with our impedance meter weighing scale which will keep track, with a precision
of 0,1 %, not only of your weight but also of the composition of your body mass, in terms of fat, water and muscle.
Fitness Brochure download

Is it possible to learn about the secrets of Balinese massage at Dajuma?

The answer is YES! More and more guests are eager to learn about the secrets of Balinese massages. Tini, who is heading our Spa and Wellness Center, decided to create a special initiation program for them. It consists in a 2 hour session with a first part dedicated to the a presentation of the body anatomy, energy flows and points, immediately followed by a massage on a model under the supervision of our specialists. A wonderful experience which allows you to start practicing Balinese massages when you are back home…

Volcano Spa: a unique experience not to be missed under any circumstances!

Because of its unique location on a volcanic cape surrounded by two sandy beaches, Puri Dajuma can offer to its guests a comprehensive set of spa and wellness services among which the so-called « Volcano Spa » is one of our best-sellers.
Try to imagine yourself comfortably installed directly on the beach in the breeze from the sea. After a first period of relaxation in one of the natural volcanic giant pots full of water with high mineral content, you will be invited to have a one and a half hour massage with Dajuma essential oils (ask for Serenity, the best!)
On the picture, a french couple pampered by Tini, the Head of our Spa and Wellness center and her assistant Yasuli.

Lola SPA

Lola SPA is managed by Tini, supported by Jasuli. Our treatments range from a variety of massages, beauty and wellness personalized packages. Tini’s favorite is the Serenity Package which consists in a 4 hours treatment including 1 hour Yoga session, foot bath, shower, hammam, aromatic massage, body scrub, body mask, shower, whirlpool tub and complementary relaxing drink. After such treatment you will feel rejuvenated and jetlag free. Please have a look at our website with treatments descriptions. You can request your treatment at the same time as you book your stay or once you are with us. Tini and Jasuli are looking forward to meeting you and making your wellness experience memorable.