On December 9th, took place the election of the regent of Jembrana, which is one of the nine regencies (Kabupaten) of Bali where Dajuma is located. Jembrana occupies a specific place in Bali due to its natural treasures such as West Bali National Park, Rambut Siwi Temple, Menjangan Dive Spot, Medewi surf break and many more. Often described in the media as the most authentic and unspoiled part of Bali, Jembrana occupies an area of 842 km2 and has around 300,000 inhabitants spread over five districts (Kecamatan), Pekutatan being one of them. The lucky winners of this 2020 election are the tandem Mr. I Nengah Tamba (Regent)  and Mr. I Gede Ngurah Patriana Krisna (Vice Regent) with the slogans “Jembrana Kembali Jaya” which means « Bring back the glory of Jembrana”. Congratulations!


Jembrana is one of the 8 regencies of Bali where Dajuma is located. Its  society will soon hold the regent and the vice regent election. On December 9 the community will use their voting rights to elect the head of Jembrana for the next 5 years. Two pairs of candidates will compete for this election which needs a lot of preparations. The Jembrana’s general election commission who’s responsible for the success of the elections, have some meeting agendas to prepare many things about the elections, such as verify the data of the voters and many more. One of the open plenary meeting was held in Dajuma, with the agenda of recapitulating and determining the final voters lists. All the meeting participants are following the health protocol, wearing mask and keep their distance as shown on the picture.

Presidential elections seen from Pekutatan

Following legislative elections earlier this year on April 9th, all Indonesia went to the polls on July 9th to elect its new President. A major event which took place for the seventh time since 1945.
The former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono being constitutionally barred from seeking a third mandate, two new candidates were competing: Prabowo Subianto and Joko Widodo.
According to the Lowy Institute (, the two candidates are a study in contrasts. Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo, known as Jokowi, is a middle class furniture entrepreneur who served as Mayor of the mid-sized city of Surakarta in Central Java, where he built a consensus for a series good government reforms that attracted nationwide attention. Enthusiasm for his approach in Surakarta propelled him to an upset victory in the capital Jakarta, 500km away, in an election there in 2012.
His competitor is the retired Lieutenant General Prabowo Subianto who leads the Greater Indonesia Movement, or Gerindra, a well-funded party backed by his tycoon brother. Prabowo is a Suharto Era figure who has staged a remarkable political comeback after he left the army in 1998.
The Indonesian elections commission on Tuesday night officially proclaimed Joko Widodo the winner of the  presidential election.
On the picture below, the poll office in Pekutatan the candidates and… the proof of the vote with the auricular finger marked with black ink!