Failing to have foreign customers staying, flights to Bali not yet being restored, the restaurant team imagined attracting a more local clientele with a menu combining Balinese and international specialties at very attractive prices.
Logically, it should appeal to expatriates living in Bali as well as families from surrounding villages. In any case, this is what we wish. Selamat makan (Enjoy your meal)!

Thank you Andrew and Melinda

Thank you Andrew and Melinda!

Dajuma was fortunate to receive this week several bags of rice donated by Andrew and Melinda to our staff to help them overcome this difficult period. This young couple has been a client and friend of Dajuma for years. They celebrated their wedding at the hotel in May 2018 and have remained in contact with us since then. This gesture touched us a lot and we don’t have words strong enough to thank them. We will celebrate their return as soon as possible after the pandemic has ended. A million thanks!

On the picture, from left to right, Agus (Front Desk), Imam (Housekeeping) and Eddy (Restaurant) receiving the bags. Because of the masks, you can’t see their smiles but they are there!

We are launching our new website this week

This week, we have the immense pleasure of presenting you our new website whose development will have lasted 3 months. We will long remember this version developed during the off-peak weeks of the pandemic!

So what’s new in this new version?

First of all, we wanted to improve the informative and photographic content. This is how all the rooms are now described in detail including a detailed plan of each of them. We did the same for all the other departments of the hotel, catering, spa, garden, nautical activities, excursions, etc. We also highlighted the extraordinary beauty and diversity of West Bali through new photos and inspiring texts. But the most important is our new pricing policy which guarantees the best deal if reservations are made on our website. We have finally given a lot of space to our dear staff and our commitments in favor of our natural and human environment.

Let us know your impressions. We will be happy to update our website based on your comments!

Why West Bali should be on your travel list after the pandemic Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Why West Bali should be on your travel list after the pandemic

Being quarantined for couple of months might be bring something boredom to yourselves, especially for those who are used to do their activities outside home. Now, there is  a question about what will we do after the pandemic passed over? One of the best thing  is traveling, either domestic or overseas and West Bali must be on your list. Why? Because West Bali with its secret vibration will recharge your energy and soul. This is what Bali used to be, totally authentic beautiful nature and culture. And in the heart of it, Dajuma is the place where to stay! We look forward to welcoming you soon!

PANCASILA CELEBRATION Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Since President Joko Widodo decided in 2016 to establish June 1st as an official public holiday aimed at celebrating the 5 principles of the Pancasila , all institutions of Indonesia are holding special events on this occasion. Pancasila means in sanscrit “Five” (Panca) “Principles” (Sila). It is the official and foundational philosophy of Indonesia based indeed on 5 principles edicted in 1945 by President Sukarno’s in his famous speech “The Birth of Pancasila”.
June 1st is also the restart of all domestic commercial flights, some of them having already restarted in May.
A good opportunity to take a break in the stressful period of the pandemic which definitively shows a slow down everywhere.
Dajuma is open and ready to welcome you anytime!