Cape Dajuma: a natural wonder Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali medewi cape west bali

Cape Dajuma: a natural wonder

A particularity of Dajuma is its cape which extends full west over 300 meters at sea. It is an amazing place to walk in direct contact with nature. Of volcanic origin, it reveals at low tide an incredibly rich underwater life which fascinates adults as well as children. And at the end of it, you will be totally surprised with the discovery, on foot dry, of beautiful corals, in full health. To discover absolutely next time you visit us again!

HAPPY HOURS AT DAJUMA Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Buy 1 and Get 1 Free! This famous slogan is also applied in Dajuma to the delight of our guests every day between 5 and 6 p.m. just before the sunset with almost 20 different choices including cocktails, mocktails and beers. Every day, our bar tenders love to surprise our guests by proposing a “cocktail of the day” always creative and delicious. But the most important is the place where to savour these cocktails. Whatever the location chosen, pool, garden or restaurant, long chairs, gazebos or hammocks, you will enjoy breathtaking sunsets. On the picture, the creations of last week. Welcome!

PLAYING CHESS Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Our staff is used to have one hour break during their service of 8 hours. And, of course, the question is “What to do during this break besides eating which last a few minutes in Indonesia” ? All around the world the main option is to play with his/her smartphone, send messages to friends on social networks, etc. Here in Bali, it’s different: one can see very often people playing chess in the villages. Our staff does not make exception to the rule: they love playing chess, saying that it is the most relaxing activity they can dream of. On the picture, this is what Hendra (left) and Neng’ah (right), our restaurant supervisor and waiter are doing. And the winner is… (no need to know because they don’t care!)

A "WAYANG KULIT" SHOW TO CELEBRATE KETUT Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


2 weeks ago, a very unusual event happened in Medewi village, close to Dajuma. Our friend and colleague Rondy, GM in charge of Sales and Marketing in our team, is the happy new father of a young boy called Ketut. The birth of a boy after 3 girls was so expected by the family that Rondy’s father accomplished his wish by inviting in the village the famous wayang kulit group Ceng Blong lead by the no less famous puppeteer I Wayan Nardayana. He is renowned in all Bali for his unique Wayang Kulit show, mixing pieces borrowed from the Ramayana and topical subjects, all in a very dynamic and sometimes very funny dialogues. On this occasion, the main road of the village was cut, the traffic being reoriented by the police. Hundreds of villagers were happy to share the joy of Rondy’s family by assisting to the show. The picture shows these typical wayang kulit silhouettes so inspiring for us, westerners. Congratulations to Rondy and his family for this beautiful moment of sharing!