CHOCOLATE FACTORY CLOSE TO DAJUMA Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Indonesia is the world’s third largest producer of cocoa. However, despite this privileged position, it is only recently that an excellent chocolate is produced locally. Among the producing regions, that of Jembrana in Bali is probably the most promising. A few steps from Dajuma, in the small village of Gumbrih, Putu after being trained in Macassar, decided to embark on a new chocolate factory. Working cooperatively with the village producers of cocoa beans, it produces a magnificent chocolate that delights the taste buds of our customers.
A local initiative we are happy and proud to help in our hotel supplies for our chocolate fondants and our little squares served with coffee, among others. In the picture Putu let us know how this machine mixes for 2 days cocoa and cocoa butter to make the most creamy chocolates. Good luck Putu!

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