Rip Curl Grom Search in Medewi

Our beach resort is located on the famous Medewi surf spot. This break is well known as one of the longest right-hander and it is just 5 minutes from Dajuma. This spot is recommended as perfect fun wave for all surfers. We shuttle our guests there for free. For the 10th year, RipCurl holds 11 GromSearch series around Bali. The 8th serie took place on May 25th and 26th at Medewi Beach. Competitors are local surfing boys and girls aged up to 16 years old, who are given the opportunity to showcase their talents in a fun, friendly but competitive environment. As explained by Rip curl, this competition is ‘the search of the ultimate male or female grommet’. The winner award will be to compete in Australia against champions from all over the world in the International GromSearch finals. This meeting was both exciting and beautiful to watch!

Turtle's visit Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Turtle’s visit

What an amazing surprise during our morning walk! We discovered turtle footprints on the beach, 50 meters from Dajuma. Turtles usually come at night to leave their eggs. Unfortunately the reptile’s nest was already empty. Despite their protected status, turtles eggs are still collected for food or rituals. This sad discovery reminds us how useful is Perancak Conservation Center who saves eggs and protects babies’ turtles until they are strong enough to face the ocean. Sensitization is still a necessity.
Hopefully we will be the first to find and save the eggs next time!

Launching of the 2013 Buffalo races season! Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Launching of the 2013 Buffalo races season!

Jembrana’s Buffalo races are one of the major attractions in West Bali. This tradition takes place only during dry season. The racing buffaloes, called Kerbau Pepadu, and their carts have been carefully decorated for weeks by farmers. Wearing silk banners and wooden bells, and having their horns painted, buffaloes will have to face a 2 kilometers race. Competitors are divided in two groups coming from opposite sides of the river. They are easily recognizable: North river group wearing red colors and South river group wearing green ones. Farmers come to race for honor, pride and the trophy, rather than for money. Thus it is both a colorful show and an exciting competition that can gather more than 240 pairs of buffaloes. The opening race will take place on July 28th!

Date Venue
1 July 28th, 2013 Kaliakah
2 August 11th, 2013 Mertasari (Regent Cup)
3 August 25th, 2013 Pangkung Dalem
4 September 8th, 2013 Delod Berawah
5 September 22th, 2013 Awen
6 October 6th, 2013 Merta Sari
7 October 20th, 2013 Kali Akah
8 November 10th, 2013 Delod Berawah
9 November 24th, 2013 Tuwed (Jembrana Cup)
Dajuma's trainees Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Dajuma’s trainees

Every spring, Puri Dajuma supports the local school of tourism by welcoming 10 trainees willing to experience a 10 day assignment in our resort. Lately, Budiman, our maintenance supervisor, showed Imam how to replace a pool light. Imam was very excited about this “hands-on” experience which is constantly reported by the participants as being very helpful to illustrate practically the subjects taught at school. No doubt that this kind of experience either confirms or clarifies one’s vocation in the hospitality business. In all cases, we wish them all the best and invite them to apply for open positions in Dajuma’s team.