Corporate seminar at Dajuma Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Corporate seminar at Dajuma

Puri Dajuma had the pleasure to host the TÜV Nord Asia Pacific Regional Manager’s gathering of a world leader of inspection and certification services company. Our Baruna hall is the perfect location to carry out a management conference. Completely isolated from the rest of the resort on the last floor of our main building, it offers a 360 degree breathtaking view to the tropical garden and the ocean. This wall-less room is completely protected from the rain and can accommodate up to 28 persons. All the necessary tools and equipment to make fruitful brainstormed decisions in a relaxing and inspiring environment are available : WiFi, beamer, screen, white board and flip chart. Puri Dajuma can also contribute promoting corporate identities through logo printed welcome banners and flags. On the day following the work session, the delegates had a sightseeing tour in West Bali and went snorkeling in Bali’s best coral reef. They then had a farewell dinner with traditional Balinese music and dance. All were delighted and many commented there was no better way to develop team building. Please contact us so that we can tailor for you and for your team a unique and memorable corporate seminar.

Great emotion at Puri Dajuma: Yulia gets married! Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Great emotion at Puri Dajuma: Yulia gets married!

All Dajuma staff is happy to be around Yulia for her wedding. You may remember her as “Miss beauty” as many guests use to call our pretty receptionist. Yulia grew up in Pekutatan, near Puri Dajuma, and remembers how, at age 11, she came to get brochures for an exercise at school: “I was very shy at that time. As I already had family members who were working there, I applied”. She’s just got married to Wahid Zainullah, a nice young man also from the village of Pekutatan. After 3 years spent with us, Yulia decided to resign and fully dedicate herself to her family. We wish her a lot of happiness and many “baby beauties”. We already miss her charming smile.

Yoga Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Dajuma Yoga and Mindfulness, not only for our guests but also for our staff !
Dajuma has been offering yoga sessions since 2011. Tini, our Yoga teacher, has a 13 year experience in Ashtana Yoga practice (alignment of movement and breath). She proposes our guests 2 public sessions per day at 8am or 9am. Private sessions are also possible on demand. Yoga sessions take place either on Dajuma front beach garden or in our Baruna hall where up to 15 people can relax from a 4-sided open building offering a breathtaking view to the garden and ocean. To ensure leading edge expertise in our yoga sessions, we invite twice a year Guru Manohara who gently leads the group and provides every participant with a unique experience. Also, since yoga is not that popular in Bali, we invite our staff to join once every week. This is a great opportunity to be together in a rather different atmosphere than the usual work context. Make sure you have a yoga session with Tini whenever you wish to!

Dajuma temple festival Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Dajuma temple festival

Besides Nyepi related ceremonies dealing with, if you well remember, 3 main rituals: purification of Hindu bodies and souls, chasing of demons, and silent and peaceful introspection, there is the so-called temple festival locally known as the “Odala ritual”. This stands for the anniversary of the temples built after a new land has been found or the ancestral shrines every family owns. This anniversary takes place every 210 days, on new moon or full moon, and is carried out with all the well known Bali’s artistic inputs with dancers, offerings, colorful paintings and decorations made of coconut, bambu and banana trees as well as umbrellas and long flags (“umbul-umbul”).
This year, Dajuma’s Temple Festival coincided with the purification ceremony to protect each building built on Dajuma land. This festival happens usually within the first year of the inauguration of a new land. But since the beginning we knew that we were going to have several stages of development and it was decided to wait for their completion before organizing the ceremony. This 3 day ceremony requires to sacrify for Gods: one Lamb, one Pig, one Dog, Ducks and Chickens. All black. No body knows the reason but we can tell you that it took them 1 month to find the pure black Lamb. The sacrificed animals were taken to the ocean by traditional “Praho”. Once back to the shore, people pray together and dance back to the main Temple. The priest then closes the ceremony and speaks on behalf of the Gods who express their thanks about the offerings and their happiness to be together with the spirits living at Dajuma. He advises the employees to carry on doing small offerings on a daily basis. A final common praying session takes place and gives the floor to musicians and dancers who stay late in the evening to entertain employees, Gods and spirits.
The next morning, all Dajuma holy symbols of Gods are put back in their home “Dajuma Temple”. This year festival did not leave anyone indifferent. Just memorable !

Nyepi ritual Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Nyepi ritual

This is our 3rd and last blog post on Nyepi ritual. As you may remember, Nyepi stands for one of the most important Hindu ceremony in Bali not only to purify everyone’s soul and body but also to chase away demons and bad feelings while restoring the cosmic balance that is disrupted by man’s greed in exploiting the earth. After the effigies of demons, the so-called Ogoh-Ogoh, are put to fire, everyone takes time for introspection. To do so, four main principles are put in practice:
Amati karya: refraining from working.
Amati geni: refraining from lighting fire or using light.
Amati Lelugan: not going Outside the family compound.
Amati leleanguan: refraining from indulgences.
The entire island is shut down, including the airport, so that no plane lands or takes off on that day. Roads are completely desert. Only for question of life or death, ambulances, police or fire trucks will be alowed to take the road.
At Dajuma, our on duty staff will either come and go back by walk or sleep at the premises. The Pecalang (Religious Police) discretely monitors if the principles are observed. Several expat come from downtown Bali to escape and all guests appreciate this moment of serenity. One can ask himself: what are 24 hours of silence in a human life?
Come and experience next Nyepi on Monday, March 31st 2014!