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Traditional weaving looms…

Traditional weaving looms

There is a kind of fascination to observe the patient work of skilled villagers working on traditional weawing looms in Negara,  not far from Dajuma. The bobbin is loaded with a wire already tinted by segments, according to the pattern

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Rambut Siwi Temple

rambut siwi temple

The  Rambut Siwi Temple is one of the biggest Hindu Temples in Bali, located a few kilometers from Dajuma. When the sixteenth-century Hindu priest Nirartha sailed across from Java, he paused at this spot and claimed it as holy.  On

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A new free map to discover the surroundings of Dajuma

bali free map pekutatan

Dajuma is located nearby the village of Pekutatan, at the edge of West Bali National Park. The whole area  counts something like 15’000 inhabitants, in a harmonious mix of farmers and fishermen as well as Hindu and Islam religions. A

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Good harvest this year for clove and cacao in Pekutatan

Clove And Cacao In Pekutatan

Clove and Cacao’s harvests have been particularly good this year in Pekutatan. Together with rice, vegetable, coffee and  fruit,  the clove and cacao plantations are well developped in this part of the island. The farmers proceed with the harvest of

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Chocolate factory in Jembrana

Chocolate Factory In Jembrana

The regency of Jembrana in Bali is renowned for its Jeggog music, buffalo races rice fields overlooking the ocean and for its plantations of cacao. In 2007, the authorities decided to encourage the local production of chocolate. A special  building

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Presidential elections seen from Pekutatan

Presidential Elections seen from Pekutatan

Following legislative elections earlier this year on April 9th, all Indonesia went to the polls on July 9th to elect its new President. A major event which took place for the seventh time since 1945. The former President Susilo Bambang

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Where does the chocolate come from?

Where does the chocolate came from?

Dajuma is located next door the Pulukan State Plantation of 1180 ha where a lot of flora species such as coconut, rubber and clove trees, cocoa and vanilla plants, banana flowers are grown up by local and skilled farmers. For

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Subak in Bali: a unique rice-field irrigation system exciting to visit

Subak in Bali : a unique rice-field irrigation system exciting to visit

A very interesting curiosity to visit in West Bali is the rice field irrigation system. It is called Subak and was developed more than 1,000 years ago. For Balinese people, irrigation is not simply providing water for the plant’s roots,

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Pekutatan beach in the « Jakarta Post » newspaper

A day at Pekutatan Beach - Jakarta Post January 20th, 2014

Last Monday our beach was enhanced with half a page including five pictures in the « Bali daily »pages. We are happy to share some sentences: …« Walking along the beach is a liberating experience. The sounds of the incoming

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Dajuma Staff Outing at JogJakarta

Dajuma Staff Outing at JogJakarta

To close the celebration of Puri Dajuma 10th anniversary and reward the staff for its dedication and attention to the guests, a special outing took place in two groups of 22 people, during 3 days with the discovery of Jogjakarta

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