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Pekutatan beach in the « Jakarta Post » newspaper

A day at Pekutatan Beach - Jakarta Post January 20th, 2014

Last Monday our beach was enhanced with half a page including five pictures in the « Bali daily »pages. We are happy to share some sentences: …« Walking along the beach is a liberating experience. The sounds of the incoming

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Dajuma Staff Outing at JogJakarta

Dajuma Staff Outing at JogJakarta

To close the celebration of Puri Dajuma 10th anniversary and reward the staff for its dedication and attention to the guests, a special outing took place in two groups of 22 people, during 3 days with the discovery of Jogjakarta

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Governors Cup Race 2013

Governors Cup Race 2013

2013 Buffalo race season will end on November 24th, with the Governors Cup Race.  This racing attraction of pair of buffalos remains preserved by farmer’s communities. The racing is not just to win but more intended to give pride to

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Tourism School Jembrana, Ground-Breaking Ceremony

Tourism School Jembrana, Ground-Breaking Ceremony

Dajuma was invited to the ground-breaking ceremony for the first tourism school to be established in Jembrana Regency. Both the Governor (Bupati) and Vice-Governor (Vice-Bupati) were present with representative bodies of Tourism and Education. Besides the school building, the one

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Pekutatan 30 years ceremony

Pekutatan 30 years ceremony

For people familiar with Bali, there are numerous ceremonies, which are based on the 35 days Hindu calendar: 1 year, 5 years, 30 years and 100 years ceremony. All these rituals are written in the WEDA (Hindu Religious book). This

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Outstanding Hotel Partner

Outstanding Hotel Partner (Dajuma /

Dajuma was recently awarded as the “Outstanding Hotel Partner” 2012-2013, by This award was presented by Miss. Fifin Prapmasari, Product Manager. This Outstanding award represents Dajuma as the most performing hotel in the region of Tabanan, Tanah Loth

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Trekking West bali

Trekking West bali

Dajuma is always challenging itself with new areas to discover. After the high season, it’s the best time to explore new tours with some of our Dajuma friends. The most recent one was to go to Blimbingsari and explore the

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Turtle’s visit

Turtle's visit

What an amazing surprise during our morning walk! We discovered turtle footprints on the beach, 50 meters from Dajuma. Turtles usually come at night to leave their eggs. Unfortunately the reptile’s nest was already empty. Despite their protected status, turtles

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Launching of the 2013 Buffalo races season!

Jembrana's Buffalo races 2013

Jembrana’s Buffalo races are one of the major attractions in West Bali. This tradition takes place only during dry season. The racing buffaloes, called Kerbau Pepadu, and their carts have been carefully decorated for weeks by farmers. Wearing silk banners

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Corporate seminar at Dajuma

Corporate seminar at Dajuma

Puri Dajuma had the pleasure to host the TÜV Nord Asia Pacific Regional Manager’s gathering of a world leader of inspection and certification services company. Our Baruna hall is the perfect location to carry out a management conference. Completely isolated

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