The Jembrana Hindu Youth Communication Forum held an event entitled “Hindu Students Gathering”. All the Junior High Schools (public schools) in Jembrana delegated their students (male and female) to participate in this event. It took place at Satria Mandala Stadium in Pekutatan, 10 minutes from Dajuma, from November 7th to 10th, 2019 with the participation of 200 students. Each group built a beautiful and well decorated tent. This event had a lot of competitive activities such as traditional games, preparation of Hindu ceremonies, cooking traditional cuisine, Balinese decoration, Balinese story-telling, painting, writing Balinese letters in sanscrit, art performances, etc. In front of the tent of each group, they also prepared a small exhibition of local handicraft. This event aims at fostering the preservation of Balinese culture in all Hindu students, in particular two major features of hinduism which are love and responsibility. Using our free shuttle service, one of our guest, Birgit visited this event. She was happy to meet the students and discover their creativity and commitment to Hinduism. Well done guys!


Wood carving is one of the ancestral art praticed in Bali by skilled carvers trained in numerous schools in the island.
In Pekutatan, we are lucky enough to have some of them happy to share their know-how with our guests once a week, for an unforgettable “wood carving experience”. This is what happened this week to Anne and Maja from Sweden who were able to carve their names by themselves under the attentive guidance of the master carver Gede Budiarsa. A good memory of Bali to be brought back home!


Saraswati Day is held in honor of Saraswati who is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning. The goddess Saraswati is depicted as a beautiful four-armed woman, playing a wina (guitar) and holding up scriptures, often seated on a white lotus. Saraswati Day is held every 210 days (base on Balinese Pawukon Calendar). All Balinese will celebrate this day at home and in the temple, but it will be very special for the children and students. A special ceremony is held in the school temple and all the students come with their offerings and wearing the beautiful Balinese Dress. They pray together with the teacher and, at the end of the ceremony, they get holy water from the priest to be used at home for their books.
Should you like to participate in the next Saraswati celebrations, here are the upcoming dates in Bali: December 7th, 2019 & July 4th, 2020.


Jembrana is the largest regency in Bali, mainly known for its wild nature and its National Park.
It still hides a lot of gems in terms of Balinese culture, apart from any tourism industry.
One of them is Made Agus Martika, who decided to become a traditional wood carver at 16.
After he finished his SMK 3 years cursus in the famous International Gambeh school close to Tabanan 13 years ago, he began to work in Pekutatan.
You will not miss the so fine and long carvings he realized for the Bendega villa programme in Puri Dajuma, just using a set of blades together with a big square wood hammer.
Which is 146 meters of carved wood, enhancing every window, door and bay window, some of them so long that he had to wait to get the appropriated wood.
Agus is Padmi’s brother, our highly appreciated waitress in the restaurants: happy parents!

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Small present, Great feeling

At the end of their stay, after they enjoyed the Dajuma’s specific atmosphere, the view and the air of the cape at its closest during their meals in the garden, and to reward the great service provided by our staff, a couple of guests from the Netherlands offers this finely decorated pebble. It now adorns our big lamp in the restaurant as a souvenir of their stay.
What a charming idea, and what a great artistic design: Terima kasih banyak Theo & Maria, Hope to see you back soon in Dajuma!


Last Saturday, the Balinese people celebrated Dewi Saraswati, the Godness for science, knowledge, arts and wisdom. The day before, they did a mental preparation while cleaning and rearranging their books because, on Saraswati day, the books are blessed and the Balinese people prepares the offerings for the « vedas », the holy Hindou books.
Work and knowledge are celebrated in the schools in the morning, then in the offices during the afternoon.
Not before the evening are the people  allowed to read some religious books in the temples.
The day after was devoted to praying and libation in the temples, the beach, the rivers and springs which symbolise the flowing knowledge for the humans….
So that every one can begin a new cycle of 210 days, purified and wise….
On the picture, visible from the entrance of Puri Dajuma, the Saraswati statue is part of the the Gold Suite decoration.

Natacha 6 months stay

After several stays at Dajuma in the last 2 years, Natacha, an executive woman from France, decided to make a break in her hectic professional career by staying for 6 months in Dajuma.
During this time she got more and more acquainted with the rich Balinese culture and traditions. She built a lot of friendly relationships with the staff and the villagers, and even participated in the outing to Jogjakarta with them.
«My living among Balinese people was the way to find the new spirit I was kooking for, we shared so much!
Here on the picture, she is preparing some decorations, learning from Tini the head of the Spa how to create from the bamboo leaves these adorable suspending decorations.