A new roof for Dajuma lovely rice barn

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A new roof for Dajuma lovely rice barn

The traditional Balinese rice barn is emblematic of the Island of Gods. Tourists who are visiting Bali for the first time are always impressed by this small hut, well planted on its 6 pillars, so beautiful with its thatched roof amidst the rice paddies. The farmers are used to store their rice crop in it, well protected against rats and other rodents. Dajuma recently renovated its rice barns with a new thatched roof on the top but, at the difference with local farmers, they are not used for storing the rice but for offering the most exotic and romantic stay to honeymooners. Young kids also love sleeping in it with the feeling to be like Robinson Crusoe. Try it: we are sure you will adopt it!

PURI DAJUMA is 18 top class cottages, 2 suites, 1 villa built in Balinese style, with a romantic restaurant, an overflowing pool and a SPA center, all enjoying a panoramic view of the ocean. Contact +62 (0)811 388709.

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