Located besides the SPA on West side and above the ocean,  Puri Dajuma’s main temple is a major place for its staff, mostly Hindous.
The temple houses a holy Mask brought from Java some years ago with great fanfare,  many ceremonies take place there.
Last Wednesday March 23rd was the day to celebrate in festive rituals, with a lot of people and a large orchestra.
After a ‘melasti’ or purification in front of the sea in the morning, the gods and deified ancestors have been invited for their blessings under the foolmoon.
A great atmosphere for the young dancers richly dressed showing their abilities as well as for the guests who had the opportunity to enter the deep and exciting culture of Bali.

Gandi’s Rajasewala ceremony

Last Monday, our guests (Natacha on the right, with her traditional Kebaya dress) were invited to participate in a special ceremony in Pekutatan village.
Gandi, the son of our chief gardener Anom (smiling with the blue hat on the picture) went through his Rajasewala ceremony, an important ritual in the Hindu religion for all children, boys and girls, reaching 17 years old. The ceremony recognizes the transition from childhood to adulthood. On this occasion, Gandi received the blessing from the Gods, the priest, the family and the village community.
We wish him all the best in his adult life!