English courses at Dajuma

English courses at Dajuma

While staying at Dajuma, our staff loves communicating with our guests and reciprocally. Sometimes but rarely in Bahasa Indonesia and of course, mostly in English. So we decided to organise private lessons on a regular basis under the guidance of a professional teacher from the nearby village. Every year we can appreciate the outstanding progresses made by our staff, from the gardeners to the waiters passing by the room boys, the cooks or the security officers. An indispensable way to penetrate the unique Balinese culture…
On the picture from left to right : Adi (Maintenance), Mudita (Garden), Misrin (Security), Ayu (Teacher), Suarbawa (Housekeeping), Sumawa (Garden), Ni Nyoman Wiastini (Teacher), Suarbawa (Housekeeping), Sumawa (Garden).

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Home Made Marmelade!

Home made marmelade!

Who ever tasted our delicious home-made marmelade, will keep it for a long time as a reminiscence of his stay at Dajuma, a little bit like the Proust’s Madeleine! Regularly made from the papaya, mango, pineapple, strawberry and other seasonal fruit, the marmelade accompanies fresh bread and pastries, also home-made, making your breakfast a pleasant moment to start your day!
It’s also good for our environment by reducing the packaging waste, favoring the local production and by consequence, limiting our carbon footprint.

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New Dajuma paradise

We are happy to introduce our new project called PURI DAJUMA VILLAS which will harmoniously complete our existing resort on the seashore of Pekutatan.
Built on a land on top of the existing property, it will consist in:

  • 4 Villas (3 bedrooms each) for rent partly or all
  • 1 swimming corridor 40 m long
  • 1 overflowing swimming pool like a rice field overlooking the sea (8×16 m)
  • 1 second pool 2,5 m below the first one (6×15 m)
  • 1 waterfall and a toboggan in between the 2 pools
  • 2 kid ponds
  • 1 huge 300 m2 pool deck
  • 1 bar – restaurant under the deck

The aerial picture shows the location of this extention.

We look forward to welcoming you soon in this new paradise where the same values will prevail: authenticity, serenity, harmony…

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Training of Security Staffs of Hotels & Restaurant in Pekutatan Area

Training of Security Staffs of Hotels & Restaurant in Pekutatan Area

This particular training is regularly held to continuously improve both skills and professionalism in order to perform a quick-and-effective-respond action in their daily duties. This month, the training took place at Dajuma’s Baruna Hall, conducted by Pekutatan Police Department Officers. Though there is no serious safety and security issue raising up in Pekutatan area as one of Bali’s exotic tourism destinations for the past few decades, this important training has an important yet valuable mission to provide the best possible way of giving the security assurance to both tourists and local villagers. On the picture, three gentlemen of Dajuma security team (black safari shirt) were listening carefully each important points of the training given by the senior police officer as the trainer in this session.

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Recycling bottles in Dajuma

Recycling bottles in Dajuma

Recycling bottles in Bali is not a breeze! It’s even a real concern for many hotels around the island. Until recently, there was no possibility to rely on either a private or a public company to collect empty glass bottles.
2 years ago, under the pressure of their professional clients, the main suppliers of soft drinks and beer decided to set-up a recycling process, by organising with their own means the collect and the further treatment of these empty bottles.
But so far, no solution for the bottles of wine.
So, we decided to acquire from New Zealand a machine especially dedicated to the recycling of glass bottles. The result is just spectacular: in a few seconds, any kind of glass bottle is transformed into a soft sand which can be immediately be re-used in the construction field or put on the beach. Really impressive! Our sincere thanks to the company (www.expleco.com) which designed such a useful tool!

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Babi Guling at Dajuma

Babi Guling at Dajuma

« Babi Guling » or « Suckling Pig » is a monument of the Balinese cuisine. Everywhere in Bali one can find these small « Babi Guling Warung », small sympathetic restaurants specialised in this delicious dish.
Imagine in your plate some freshly grilled pig meat with its crispy skin accompanied with a tasty soup, crackers and a bunch of vegetables all cooked in the same spicy sauce. A delice for the palate !
Recently, a family from Australia, staying at Dajuma for a few days, ordered a Babi Guling prepared by our staff. The pig was cooked in Rudi’s house, one of our kitchen supervisor and then brought to Dajuma garden for degustation. Everybody in the family enjoyed this special meal : they said « Sangat Enak ! » which means « Absolutely Delicious ! »

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Bayu’s wedding in Pekutatan

Bayu's wedding

3 days : this is the duration for Nurani and Bayu’s wedding according to the Balinese tradition, regardless of the accurate preparation before.
Apart from his responsibilities at the head of our Sinta restaurant, Bayu is also well known from everyone in the Puri Dajuma sphere as a joyful and committed person, so that many relatives, friends and guests were very happy to congratulate him and his charming wife Nurani on this romantic occasion.
A great party took place yesterday with all of them in a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, within the beautiful Balinese scenary which makes you feel as a Prince.
Puri Dajuma staff and management make again all their best wishes to this pleasant young couple.
On the picture, Bayu and Nurani surrounded by Bayu’s parents.

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Dajuma rewarded for its social protection

Dajuma rewarded for its social protection

Our HR Manager Erly (photo) recently received from the provincial authorities in Negara an unusual award : our hotel has been selected as the best company in West Bali in terms of social protection of our staff including health and retirement plans. The prize also rewards the regularity in the payment of social charges. Since its opening in 2002, Dajuma has developped a social protection for its employees at a time where the government of Indonesia was not so advanced on this question. A private social plan was covering health issues as well as retirement plans. Now the situation is different: like in other countries, companies pay every month social charges in percentage of the salaries, in exchange of which the administration covers both health and retirement expenses

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Want to improve your wellness and figure?

Dajuma fitness

On the occasion of your holidays at Dajuma and, as a good resolution for the New Year, don’t miss the opportunity to improve your personal wellness and feel better in your body!
Tini, the head of our SPA Center, assisted by Yasuli and Jupri invites you to improve your shape and figure with a special fitness program combining the best of our SPA activities: Massage, Jacuzzi, Hammam, Yoga, Sport and, if desired, a diet regime.
Everyday, your progresses will be carefully recorded with our impedance meter weighing scale which will keep track, with a precision
of 0,1 %, not only of your weight but also of the composition of your body mass, in terms of fat, water and muscle.
Fitness Brochure download

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Happy New Year – Selamat Tahun Baru!

Happy New Year - Selamat Tahun Baru!

The New Year Eve at Dajuma did not escape the tradition this year: a wonderful set-up in the garden, 3 orchestras to help our guests discovering the beauty and the diversity of the traditional Balinese music, particularly this vibrating Jegog music generated from bamboos and originated from a small village of West Bali close to the hotel. A plus this year: the second orchestra was composed of young musicians, most of them being the children of our employees, not even born when the hotel was created 12 years ago. A great moment for them and for us!
The orchestras accompanied many dances performed by dancers of the school of dance of Pekutatan under the magistral guidance of our dear Guru Agung. A fascinating show given by gracious dancers richly dressed!
Finally our guests appreciated a delicious dinner with, among many other dishes, the famous Babi Guling, monument of the Balinese cuisine. On the stroke of midnight, fireworks were launched from the beach for the greatest pleasure of our guests’ children.

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