Governors Cup Race 2013

Introduced in Bali by Madurese migrants to celebrate the end of the rice harvest, Makepung is the name of a major grand prix in West Bali, which features racing buffalo races. The competitive races take place on erratic tracks a few kilometers from Dajuma, beginning early in the morning, before the heat makes the big bulls sluggish. Hundreds of pairs of buffaloes are teamed up together with their jockeys riding the traditional wooden ploughs that are slightly modified for the competition. 

The racer buffaloes, called kerbau pepadu, compete in various open race circuits around the district of Melaya, leading up to the finals, or what has come to be known as the Jembrana Regent’s Cup, and the Governor’s Cup, held annually.

Here is the program for the next weeks until the finals. A fascinating show not to missed!

Buffalo Races Schedule 2015

  • July 12th 2015 at Dlodberawah
  • July 26th 2015 at Tuwed
  • August 9th 2015 at Merta Sari (Regent Cup)
  • August 23rd 2015 at Pangkung Dalem
  • September 6th 2015 at Dlodbrawah
  • September 20th 2015 at Awen
  • October 4th 2015 at Mertasari
  • October 18th 2015 at Kaliakah
  • November 1st 2015 at Dlodbrawah
  • November 15th 2015 at Tuwed (Jembrana Cup)
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What is a true beachfront ?

What is a true beachfront

Not easy to combine a sandy beach and a beautiful green garden ! Why ? Because the salty water from the sea is really the number 1 enemy of any kind of trees (with some exceptions !), flowers and other green plants.
However, this is what happened in Dajuma thanks to the outstanding skills of our gardeners team headed by Anom.
As shown on the picture, the garden is coexisting pacifically with the sea even during high tides when the waves come licking the edge of the garden. The result is a unique scenery for our guests who can relax in the soft shadow of our « ketatang » trees, have a massage in the Gazebo or dine with the song of the sea. Not to be missed !

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Tanteri museum

In West Bali, one place becomes attractive for tourism: the Tanteri ceramic factory, which is also our main chinaware supplier.
It is located in Pejaten, between Tabanan and Tanah Lot temple.
I Made Tanteri has been the head of the village and a pioneer for ceramic development in the years 1980’s.
He get help from some westerners to improve the production, so that the factory is now famed for its fine artcrafts ceramics.
We can see there the women at work, and a museum was opened in 2011, with temporary exhibitions.
Oka Mahendra is Mr Tanteri son, many thanks to him for displaying a lot of beautiful handicraft in this place.

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Because of its location close to the famous surfing spot of Medewi, Puri Dajuma is the ideal place where to stay and practice this demanding sport.
Our beach manager Jupry was born in Pekutatan and practice surfing since he was a child. He is always pleased to teach our guest how to surf the waves just in front of the hotel. But before that, it is necessary to understand the gestures for keeping equilibrium on the board and the best way to achieve that is, by all means, to simply do it in the garden! This is what Jupry is doing on the picture under the attentive look of our guest.

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Dajuma received for the fifth consecutive year the certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor and as a consequence enters what TA calls the Hall of Fame, which is new.
This distinction rewards the continuous efforts of our staff to make each and every stay of our guests an unforgettable one.
On this particular occasion, we would like to thank all our guests, partners, villagers, Indonesian authorities for whom, without their strong and continous support, the Dajuma dream would never became a daily reality!

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Our staff always dreamt about the best possible English courses. And the dream became true thanks to our repeating guests Mr and Mrs Bruce Campbell from Australia!
Bruce and his wife Frances are used to come to Dajuma for years. They are very appreciated by the staff and the nearby villagers. They kindly proposed to organise English lessons to the benefit of our staff and trainees, proposal which was received with enthusiasm and gratitude by everybody.
One million thanks Bruce and Frances! Thanks to you our staff will be able to speak English with the best possible accent!

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Keep BALI clean for the world

Keep BALI clean for the world

Saturday May 9th, 2015 was a special day in Bali: under the leadership of the army, thousands of Balinese villagers went around all Bali beaches to clean them up. An exceptional moment where people of all ages collected plastic bags and other garbage brought by the sea and the rivers.
The protection of  its exceptional environment is a real concern in Bali. Millions of tourists visit g the island every year and the way the waste is managed by the authorities is still far from what is needed. Among the necessary measures to be taken, the idea to educate and train the villagers is definitely a good one.
This is what Dajuma is doing in various areas: recycling of glass bottles, compost which can eliminate up to  80% of the domestic waste, cleaning of the beach and the surroundings of the hotel every 2 weeks by our own staff, no effluents to the sea, etc.
Hopefully this initiative will be continued in the coming years !

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Hari Ulang Tahun – Happy Birthday!

Hari Ulang Tahun - Happy Birthday!

In presence of I Made Kembang Hartawan, Vice Governor of the Regency of Jembrana, the hotel school of Pekutatan celebrated last week, on the very holy day of Saraswati (Saturday, May 2nd), its 2nd anniversary. In a beautiful natural setting, a show of Balimese dances followed by a delicious meal were offered to the guests, everything prepared by the students of the school. Very unusual, the players of the Jegog orchestra were girls instead of the traditional boys… Perhaps a sign that things are changing in Bali? Created in 2013 to accompany the tourism development in this virgin part of Bali, the school is headed by I Gusti Putu Sudama and has already gained a solid reputation, attracting every year more than 100 students from all over the Regency. Dajuma is proud to participate to the development of the school and wish it all the best for a bright future!

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Internships at Dajuma: preparing the future…

Internships at Dajuma - preparing the future

Recently opened in 2013, the Hotel School of Pekutatan welcomes every year a lot of students who are eager to embrace one of the numerous and exciting jobs of the tourism industry.
Part of the 3 year learning process is a 2 months internship every year, as assistant in a hotel. Dajuma is glad to welcome every year these motivated students. Here on the picture, Suci, Sri and Purnami, 3 of them acting in the kitchen with their adorable black tie. We wish you all the best for the future!

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Birds « mandi-mandi » at Dajuma

Birds « mandi-mandi » at Dajuma

In the exuberant Dajuma garden, at the detour of the paths adorned with frangipanies, bougainvillers and other ibiscus one can have the surprise to see nice birds practicing the traditional Balinese « mandi-mandi » (« bath-shower ») in stone basins covered with waterlily flowers.
Here on the picture, a family of Scaly-breasted Munia birds easily recognizable with their plastron looking like leopard skin. A rare moment to savor!

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