Dewi Saraswati, the Godness for science, knowledge, arts and wisdom

Last Saturday, the Balinese people celebrated Dewi Saraswati, the Godness for science, knowledge, arts and wisdom. The day before, they did a mental preparation while cleaning and rearranging their books because, on Saraswati day, the books are blessed and the Balinese people prepares the offerings for the « vedas », the holy Hindou books.
Work and knowledge are celebrated in the schools in the morning, then in the offices during the afternoon.
Not before the evening are the people  allowed to read some religious books in the temples.
The day after was devoted to praying and libation in the temples, the beach, the rivers and springs which symbolise the flowing knowledge for the humans….
So that every one can begin a new cycle of 210 days, purified and wise….
On the picture, visible from the entrance of Puri Dajuma, the Saraswati statue is part of the the Gold Suite decoration.

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Discover the beauty of west Bali Package 3N/4D

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    – Traditional market
    – Weaving home industry
    – Traditional fishing boat
    – Turtle conservation
    – Rambut Siwi tempe
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Pierre-Yves: a long story with Puri-Dajuma

Pierre-Yves: a long story with Puri-Dajuma

Among the guests who become part of the ‘Dajuma family’ Pierre-Yves is one of the oldest, we are pleased to welcome him for a new stay.
Not only was he the designer of the beautiful logo of the resort, but he is the head of the Fool-moon company.
Deeply fond of waves he will be the best advisor if you need surfboards, Stand-Up Paddles or any related garment, like the rash guard available in Puri Dajuma shop.
Just have a look at

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Puri Dajuma is ideally located to enjoy a specific entertainment from the Jembrana regency: the buffalo races, called « Mekepung ».
On a basis of two races a week during the dry season, it is great to attend this beautiful and colorful show, after getting up early as it is over at 10.30.
Every team, from the driver in balance on the painted wooden yoke, to the buffaloe harnesses, is finely decorated.
Yesterday took place the final race, the most important of the year with one hundred competitors after selection.
The winner received the cup and awards including money from the Jembrana Bupati’s hands.
As the track is close to the sea, it is also great to see the buffaloes pampered by the farmers, then bathing in the shining ocean of the west coast.
A genuine popular atmosphere all along, where the photographers are used to shoot memorable pictures.

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Dajuma illustrates Bali in Yo Donna magazine

Dajuma illustrates Bali in Yo Donna magazine

Puri Dajuma has been chosen by the editor of Yo Donna magazine to illustrate the beauty of Balinese architecture through its outstanding beachfront Pondok Segara villa.
The Yo Donna magazine is the women supplement of the renowned Spanish newspaper El Mundo which is the second largest printed daily newspaper in Spain.
We hope it will attract more guests from Spain who are always most welcome in our resort.

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Located a few distance from Dajuma is the outstanding surfing spot of Medewi.
Last week-end, on Oct 31st and Nov 1st, Medewi Boardriders in Association with the Jembrana Government organised the “Jembrana Open Of Surfing” competition, with 40million in prize money on offer. The contest is a national one and attracts every year hundreds of surfers from all around the world.

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King Mackerel fish

Caught just in front of Dajuma, this beautiful fish looks like barracuda but is not. It is called King Mackerel fish. It has been fished by these 2 skilled underwater fishermen. Well done guys and … “selamat makan”! (enjoy your meal in Bahasa Indonesia!)

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Dajuma cocktail

Mango is this emblematic fruit from tropical areas in the world. Absolutely delicious and good for health with its vitamin A, when consumed mature. But it is not available all the year long, so we cannot enjoy it every time. For the next 3 months, it is now Mango Season in Bali , i.e. time to enjoy the fresh mangoes in all possible forms: fresh fruit juices, dessert with ice cream, or even cooked with some meat or fish. You should visit us and enjoy the beautiful Dajuma panorama while savoring a glass of mango juice at sunset time!

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Is there a better place than the cape in front of Dajuma where to find these delicious sea shells such as clams, abalone, whelks, clams or shrimps ? This is what this villager and his son is looking for, near the sunset.
Arguably the volcanic cape  in front of Dajuma is a fantastic window on the underwater life. At low tide you can even see the famous brain coral near the surface of the water. So easy to catch all kinds of shells … without forgetting crabs … so good for the seafood soup!

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