There is a nice tradition in most hotels around Bali which consists in offering a « Welcome Drink » to our guests together with a fresh towel when they are checking-in,  a drink particularly welcome when they arrive exhausted from the airport after a long intercontinental trip.
At Dajuma we were used to offer a fresh watermelon juice and we just decided to change it for a more original one. After a lot of talks within our team, we decided to go for something special, directly issued from the property. The new drink consists in a natural juice coming from a young coconut freshly cut from the garden, topped with coconut flesh, a slice of lime and adorned with a lemon grass stick.
The best possible healthy drink for saying «Welcome !  Selamat datang!»

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Dajuma Romantic Package

Dajuma Best Offers, Dajuma Great Deals

3D/2N Dajuma Romantic Package IDR. 4. 410.000
Enjoy your stay in the nature and our peaceful place of West Bali.
Spend serene days by the pool, pamper your self at Lola Spa and enjoy candlelit dinner under the stars.

– 3 days 2 nights accommodation in VIP Cottage with panoramic ocean view
– One time 75 minutes aromatic body massage at our beachfront spa
– One time romantic candlelit dinner in the garden with delicious food and ocean as your soundtrack
– Daily Beachfront breakfast at your choice (American, Continental or Indonesian Breakfast)
– Fresh fruits in the room upon arrival
– Welcome drink and refreshing towel upon arrival
– Free WIFI access throughout the resort
– Package valid for two persons from now until February 29th 2016

For reservation please contact our reservation at info@dajuma.com 


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Children Paradise

Children Paradise

Many of our guests tell us that Dajuma is just like a paradise. It is very kind of them to give such an opinion because it was one of the reasons why we decided 15 years ago to establish the resort in this place, at a time West Bali was just ignored by tours operators, guides… and tourists.
But what makes us so happy today is the way children are spending their time in Dajuma: the combination between sea, beach, garden and pool is just perfect for them. The cape at low tide is like a natural aquatic garden where they can explore the underwater life by looking at the volcanic holes visited by fishes, crabs, corals, shrimps and other seaweeds. And for those parents who need to relax and recover from their busy professional life, we offer a baby sitting service.
On the picture, the gracious Mia, a lovely 5 years girl, is dancing with the ocean on the beach, just before sunrise

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Bali is a beautiful island, full of history and culture. Among all its traditions, there is one consisting in making offerings to the gods that surprises most tourists. Three times a day, the Balinese meticulously prepare charming small baskets called “Canang Sari” made from young coconut leaves and filled with rice and flowers. Once prepared these Canang Sari are put in two different places : on the floor to repel evil spirits who live in the sea which is the home to demons and ogres and in temples to thank the good spirits.
But what exactly is the meaning of this ritual?
It gives back what has been given to the people by the Gods. It is a sharing based on gratitude to the richness of life. Offerings appease the spirits and bring prosperity and good health to the family. It is a duty and an honour at the same time, and in Balinese perspective a very natural way to maintain a good relationship between people and spirits.
On the picture, our guest and friend Astrid from Holland, learns how to make these offerings with the attentive help of Anom in charge of the garden at Dajuma.

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February Promo with code “VALENTINE”

Dajuma Best Offers, Dajuma Great Deals

Get 40 % discount for stay in February with booking code VALENTINE
Book by 11-01-2016 until 12-02-2016

Stay period 01-02-2016 until 28-02-2016

Inclusion for minimum 3 nights stay:

  • Welcoming cold towel and fruits juice upon arrival.
  • Fresh fruits basket in the room upon arrival.
  • 60 minutes Aromatic body massage at Lola Spa.

Furthermore information and reservation please contact us at info@dajuma.com

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Dajuma in “Je Pars”

Dajuma in "Je Pars"

The french speaking magazine “Je Pars” is well known from all passengers who are used to fly from Geneva airport. With around 200’000 readers and a comprehensive distribution all around the French speaking part of Switzerland and nearby France, in travel agencies, golf clubs, fitness centers, travel public shows, hospitals, etc. the magazine has become over the last 20 years a reference in tourism and hospitality in reporting original and live experiences on specific destinations. This month, Dajuma is one of these experiences. Thank you “Je Pars”!

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Happy New Year !

Happy New Year 2016

This year the celebration of the New Year Eve at Dajuma was as usual festive and gastronomic but with a different show called Kecak.
Created in the 1930’s this Balinese dance is a music drama performed by a circle of tens of dancers who percussively chant « cak » while moving their hands and arms, depicting a battle of the Ramayana.
The dancers troop is composed of young fellows from the village of Pekutatan, many of them being the children of our staff. They performed their art on the stage and also on the beach giving to the show a very special and nice atmosphere.
We wish all our valued guests, partners and staff a Happy New Year 2016!

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Celebrating Christmas

Celebrating Christmas
In a multicultural environment where all religions are present and living peacefully together, Christmas has been celebrated at Dajuma like everywhere else in the island. A great moment of sharing without forgetting the delicious buffet served in the sunset and accompanied by a live orchestra and traditional Balinese dances. Merry Christmas!
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Small present, Great feeling

Small present, Great feeling

At the end of their stay, after they enjoyed the Dajuma’s specific atmosphere, the view and the air of the cape at its closest during their meals in the garden, and to reward the great service provided by our staff, a couple of guests from the Netherlands offers this finely decorated pebble. It now adorns our big lamp in the restaurant as a souvenir of their stay.
What a charming idea, and what a great artistic design: Terima kasih banyak Theo & Maria, Hope to see you back soon in Dajuma!

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Bali west is recognized as one of the most beautiful parts of the island with its unique natural and cultural treasures

We are not the only one to be in love with West Bali : long ignored by tourist guides, Bali west is finally recognized as one of the most beautiful parts of the island with its unique natural and cultural treasures: the site of Perancak and its incredible boats, the most sacred temple of Rambut Siwi, the West Bali National park, the vibrant Jegog music, the popular buffalo racing, the surf and diving spots … Well the list goes on!
Like us, Mark Eveleigh is one of these Bali West lovers. He just wrote a long article on Bali for the  famous Independent newspaper in which Bali West has not been neglected. Many thanks to you Mark (www.markeveleigh.com  / @Mark_Eveleigh)

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