Dajuma en route for the GreenTec Award 2015

Dajuma en route for the GreenTec Award 2015

Thanks to a close cooperation with Greenpearls (http://www.greenpearls.com/) and after a stringent evaluation performed by TÜV Nord and the WWF, our hotel has been selected among the top 10 in the category Travel of the prestigious Green Tec Award 2015.
Next step will consist in collecting as many votes as possible from our guests and partners to have a chance to get the final award. Whatever the result, we are already very proud to have been selected. It crowns 12 years of commitment of our staff in favor of our exceptional natural and social environment. Congratulations guys !

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Ijen volcano: a true wonder of Indonesia

ijen volcano

Located 114 km from Dajuma, the Ijen volcano complex is a group of stratovolcanoes in the Banyuwangi Regency of East Java, Indonesia.
The journey starts from Dajuma very early in the morning and after touring up the traditional West Coast of Bali we reach the most western tip of the island where we board the ferry to Java. After a one hour drive passing through coffee & rubber plantations in a 4WD car, we reach the starting point for the ascent of Mt Kawah Ijen. After a revigorating 1h30 trek,  we reach the summit of one of the wonders of Indonesia, Mt Kawah Ijen (2368 m) with its truly amazing sulphur crater, inside a larger caldera which is about 20 kilometers wide and surrounded by an esmerald green lake.
The lake is the site of a labor-intensive sulfur mining operation, in which sulfur-laden baskets weighing 70 kg in average. They are carried by hand from the crater floor as shown on the picture.
A trip to do absolutely !

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Rambut Siwi Temple

rambut siwi temple

The  Rambut Siwi Temple is one of the biggest Hindu Temples in Bali, located a few kilometers from Dajuma.
When the sixteenth-century Hindu priest Nirartha sailed across from Java, he paused at this spot and claimed it as holy.  On leaving, he donated a lock of his hair to the villagers, who erected a temple and named it Pura Rambut Siwi, “the temple for worshipping the hair”.  The gift is kept in a sandlewood box inside the central 3-tiered meru.

Perched among frangipani on a promontory overlooking the sea, Pura Rambut Siwi occupies a truly beautiful site, set in the cliff bank with wide Indian Ocean just in front. Inside are shrines to Dewi Saraswati, the Goddes of learning and Dewi Sri, the rice Goddes.
A beautiful and authentic place to discover, especially at sunset!

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A new free map to discover the surroundings of Dajuma

bali free map pekutatan

Dajuma is located nearby the village of Pekutatan, at the edge of West Bali National Park. The whole area  counts something like 15’000 inhabitants, in a harmonious mix of farmers and fishermen as well as Hindu and Islam religions. A lot of authentic wonders to discover for our guests, by foot, bicycle or motorbike, from the virgin sandy seashore where colorful prahos are operated by athletic fishermen to the rice paddies carefully cultivated by skilled and sympathetic farmers. To facilitate the discovery of the surroundings of Dajuma, we decided to create a detailed map where the roads and paths are clearly indicated as well as the the main points of interest.
You can download it here. Hope you will like it!

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Little Girl and the Statue

Dajuma Little Girl And Statut

Close to the Rama restaurant, in the middle of the lawn,  your eye may be attracted by  a small traditional statue : a women carrying a flat basket on her head.
Her location is now a holy place because the Hindu people from  Puri Dajuma are used to put flowers as offerings to the Gods in the basket every day.
For this beautiful  and élégant little girl, the statue looks like a good friend with whom one like to share some frangipani flowers.
Indeed a graceful  picture!

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Renovation of our boat monument

Renovation Boat Monument

There is a landmark on the beach in front of Dajuma which is a boat with 3 soldiers on the deck among which the famous Colonel Ngurah Raï, hero of the Indonesian independence. Despite a strong structure made from the concrete, the waves regularly damage this beautiful commemorative monument. Until this year it was impossible for Dajuma to renovate it because it is the property of the Indonesian army. After some months of negotiation, we finally obtained the authorization to refurbish it what is done at the moment. Here on the picture, our team of workers under the guidance of I Putu Edit Andi Pratama, a renowned artist in the region, specialised in the construction of statues all around the Regency.
Their work is so perfect that it is almost impossible to distinguish between real humans and statues. Try to count how many real humans we have on the picture!

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Good harvest this year for clove and cacao in Pekutatan

Clove And Cacao In Pekutatan

Clove and Cacao’s harvests have been particularly good this year in Pekutatan. Together with rice, vegetable, coffee and  fruit,  the clove and cacao plantations are well developped in this part of the island. The farmers proceed with the harvest of the clove once a year and twice for the cacao. They extract the clove and the cacao beans and make them drying in the sun before sending them to Java where the cacao beans are roasted and exported.
On the picture some clove and cacao beans drying in Pekutatan village, nearby Dajuma. The farmer also collects waste from the village for recycling.

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New Internet Antenna at Dajuma

Dajuma Internet Antenna

Since many years, Dajuma offers to its guests a free wifi service which is available in each room and all around the resort. As frequently as possible, depending on the evolution of the technology offered by our providers, we look for improving our internal installations. This is what has been done recently with 2 big dish antennas linking the property with the provider located in Negara, 26 km from Dajuma. The result is really satisfactory: more speed and afterall, more stability in the transmissions. To give you a more precise idea about the gains, here are the measures made by our technician:
Before: Download: 1,61 Mbps – Upload: 410 Kbps – Ping: 83 ms
Now: Download: 2,34 Mbps – Upload: 610 Kbps – Ping: 59 ms
On the picture, the old antenna on the left and the new one on the right. Not so bad for linking a piece of paradise to the rest of the world, is’nt it?

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Wood carving in Bali

Dajuma Wood Carving

For those who appreciate the Balinese Art, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauty of the carvings found everywhere around the island.
Who not remained fascinated by observing the delicate work of woodcarvers who, with makeshift tools, are able to make masterpieces that adorn houses, temples and  hotels in Bali.
On the picture, the carving in our Rama restaurant, one of the many wood carvings that decorate Dajuma. It was  made  by the cousin of our director.
When asked the question: “What are your sources of inspiration?”, the answer is : “Nature and Imagination”.
As simple as that!

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Chocolate factory in Jembrana

Chocolate Factory In Jembrana

The regency of Jembrana in Bali is renowned for its Jeggog music, buffalo races rice fields overlooking the ocean and for its plantations of cacao.
In 2007, the authorities decided to encourage the local production of chocolate. A special  building was dedicated to the project headed by Nobertha, with all the necessary equipment.
Today the chocolate factory produces all sorts of fine chocolates, tablets, powder and plans to,extend its activities.
Good luck Nobertha ! We support you.

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