Where does the chocolate come from?

Where does the chocolate came from?

Dajuma is located next door the Pulukan State Plantation of 1180 ha where a lot of flora species such as coconut, rubber and clove trees, cocoa and vanilla plants, banana flowers are grown up by local and skilled farmers.
For western kids, the way these species are grown is just mysterious. For example who knows that peanuts grow underground ? Or that vanilla is a variety of orchid ?
And what about chocolate ? Where does it come from ?
One of our guests, Rev Martin Bieler, was shown on one of our tours a fresh open cocoa pod and decided to bring back two pods to Switzerland, to a local school where the children had been learning for some time about the origin and the production of chocolate. Now they finally got hold of two real  cocoa pods! From the original fruit brought back by Martin, it was explained step by step  to the children how to extract cocoa beans from the fruit, how to dry and roast before grinding and mixing them with a little fat to finally get the delicious chocolate which delights our palates.
What’s an experience for them!

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Volcano Spa: a unique experience not to be missed under any circumstances!

VOLCANO SPA : a unique experience not to be missed under any circumstances !

Because of its unique location on a volcanic cape surrounded by two sandy beaches, Puri Dajuma can offer to its guests a comprehensive set of spa and wellness services among which the so-called « Volcano Spa » is one of our best-sellers.
Try to imagine yourself comfortably installed directly on the beach in the breeze from the sea. After a first period of relaxation in one of the natural volcanic giant pots full of water with high mineral content, you will be invited to have a one and a half hour massage with Dajuma essential oils (ask for Serenity, the best!)
On the picture, a french couple pampered by Tini, the Head of our Spa and Wellness center and her assistant Yasuli.

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Certificate of Excellence Award

Certificate of Excellence Award

For the fourth consecutive year, Puri Dajuma received the “Certificate of Excellence” award from Trip Advisor. This certificate is awarded on the basis of client testimonials. Out of 157 reviews in total, we have got 98 reviews quoted « Excellent » and 43 « Very Good ». It rewards years of effort in terms of service quality and equipment. Many thanks to our staff and our customers!

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Bayu, Ayu and Ari celebrated their Mepetik ceremony

Bayu, Ayu and Ari celebrated their Mepetik ceremony

Bayu, one of our restaurant supervisor and the two children Ari and Ayu of our HR Manager Erly went last week through this important ceremony which takes place only one time in their life and called Mepetik. It consists in cutting the hair in such a way that your soul gets purified and ready for your adult’s life.
On the picture, Bayu, Ayu and Ari with the traditional Balinese dressing just received the blessing of the priest and the community.

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Subak in Bali: a unique rice-field irrigation system exciting to visit

Subak in Bali : a unique rice-field irrigation system exciting to visit

A very interesting curiosity to visit in West Bali is the rice field irrigation system. It is called Subak and was developed more than 1,000 years ago. For Balinese people, irrigation is not simply providing water for the plant’s roots, but a holy activity which must be blessed by a priest. Water is also used to construct a complex artificial ecosystem where many species such as frogs and eels can develop.
From Dajuma, you will be invited to visit such a Subak, on the occasion of a bicycle tour around the nearby villages. A unique experience!

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New access to Sinta lounge

New access to Sinta lounge

Our Sinta lounge with its large comfortable sofas and its Teppanyaki at night is the perfect place where to relax and meditate, especially when the sun is coming down. The access to this very special place has been recently improved by a beautiful helicoidal stairway, entirely built from merbau and clove tree woods by our skilled workers. Here on the picture, Muriyono assisted by Harorik, both from Banyuwangi, who build it. You can be proud of it guys! It is not only nice to see but also very easy and comfortable to climb.

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The tradition of floral decoration in Bali

The tradition of floral decoration in Bali

One of the most fascinating tradition in Bali is the preparation of decorative arrangements, generally made from flowers, bamboo and palm leaves. Everybody in a Balinese family is skilled enough to invent these decorations sometimes very complex. They are used as offerings to the Gods and decoration in the temples and houses.
Dajuma staff does not escape this beautiful tradition. Every day, our staff collects flowers in the garden and prepares nice floral decorations which enchants our guests, especially honeymooners!
Here on the picture, Setha from Germany made this beautiful decoration, trained by Erly our HR Manager.

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7 years of success for our « Bali Free Map »

Bali Free Map

In 2007, our hotel decided to publish for the first time, a « Bali Free Map ». The original idea was to inform our guests about the points of interest of the West part of the island usually neglected by the guides. Year after year the map has been enhanced by new curiosities brought by our staff and other locals themselves. Today, after almost 7 years of existence, our Bali Free Map is one of the most complete, used and appreciated by thousands of Bali lovers. This last edition does not derogate to the rule by perpetuating the tradition of new wonders to be discovered in West Bali, all of them being stamped “Bali Authentic »!
To download the last version of our Bali Free Map.

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The Dajuma home cinema enriched with a 60 inch screen

The Dajuma home cinema enriched with a 60 inch screen

Because of its unique location close to the sea and nature, where it is so easy to forget everything about the hectic occidental life, the choice was made from the beginning of Dajuma to avoid TV screens in the rooms. What does not mean that TV and cinema are forbidden at Dajuma! On the contrary, Dajuma offers to its guests a comfortable home cinema which recently enriched with a 60 inch LED screen. A huge library of DVDs in all languages completes the Indovision satellite TV which is covering more than 100 TV channels from all around the world. For all nationalities and tastes!

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New uniforms

New uniforms

Year 2014 also started with an important event for Dajuma staff : the change of the uniforms. Each employee received a new uniform composed of a nice batik for the top and the traditional sarong. The fabric was chosen strong and light with the objective to support heavy-duty tasks while providing the necessary comfort to our employees. Colors were also carefully chosen to fit with our environment. Padmi, our waitress at Rama restaurant, looks very « cantik » (pronounced « chantik » in Bahasa Indonesia which means « nice ») on the picture!

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