Want to improve your wellness and figure?

Dajuma fitness

On the occasion of your holidays at Dajuma and, as a good resolution for the New Year, don’t miss the opportunity to improve your personal wellness and feel better in your body!
Tini, the head of our SPA Center, assisted by Yasuli and Jupri invites you to improve your shape and figure with a special fitness program combining the best of our SPA activities: Massage, Jacuzzi, Hammam, Yoga, Sport and, if desired, a diet regime.
Everyday, your progresses will be carefully recorded with our impedance meter weighing scale which will keep track, with a precision
of 0,1 %, not only of your weight but also of the composition of your body mass, in terms of fat, water and muscle.
Fitness Brochure download

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Happy New Year – Selamat Tahun Baru!

Happy New Year - Selamat Tahun Baru!

The New Year Eve at Dajuma did not escape the tradition this year: a wonderful set-up in the garden, 3 orchestras to help our guests discovering the beauty and the diversity of the traditional Balinese music, particularly this vibrating Jegog music generated from bamboos and originated from a small village of West Bali close to the hotel. A plus this year: the second orchestra was composed of young musicians, most of them being the children of our employees, not even born when the hotel was created 12 years ago. A great moment for them and for us!
The orchestras accompanied many dances performed by dancers of the school of dance of Pekutatan under the magistral guidance of our dear Guru Agung. A fascinating show given by gracious dancers richly dressed!
Finally our guests appreciated a delicious dinner with, among many other dishes, the famous Babi Guling, monument of the Balinese cuisine. On the stroke of midnight, fireworks were launched from the beach for the greatest pleasure of our guests’ children.

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At this year’s twilight, we would like to say THANK YOU to our guests!

Greeting Card Dajuma 2015Greeting Card Dajuma 2015

2014 has been rich for Dajuma from many points of view: completion of the renovation program of our cottages, 4 stars ranking from the Indonesian Association of Hoteliers, nomination to the Green Tec Awards and the World Luxury Hotels Awards and most importantly, a lot of positive feed-backs from our guests.
We selected one  which is for all Dajuma staff very meaningful insofar as it  translates perfectly the spirit of our hotel: authenticity, serenity and harmony.
…only here a true, simple and at the same time rich spirit of Bali can be found !
« We couldn’t have chosen better place for our honeymoon !
Everything was perfect and made our moods great every single day.
FOR SURE, we are  going to come back here, as only here a true, simple and at the same time rich spirit of Bali can be found !
Thank you all Balinese People for sharing this true paradise with us ! »
Jacek & Magdalena (Poland) Nov 2014

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Christmas & Galungan

Christmas & Galungan

This year is particular in Bali as the the celebrations of Galungan and Christmas fall almost at the same time : 17th and 25th.
Perhaps a sign that religions are sometimes converging. In any case it makes sense for Bali to celebrate Christmas as there are a lot of christians around the island.
For the night of Christmas, Dajuma will drive its guests willing to participate in the Christmas mass to the nearby christian church. Then after this moment of praying, they will be offered a delicious dinner (Peking Duck!) with a live orchestra.
Merry Christmas!

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Galungan celebration

Galungan celebration

A special célébration time began already in Bali, culminating with Galungan Day, this Wednesday, December 17th.
Galungan marks the beginning of the most important recurring cérémonies according to the ’210 day Balinese Pawukon Calendar’. The festival symbolizes the victory of good (Dharma)over evil (Adharma) and encourages the Balinese to show their gratitude to the Creator.
The spirits of deceased relatives who have been cremated return to visit their former homes, and the current inhabitants have a responsability to be hospitable through prayers and offerings.
6 days before is the day to purify, 3 and 2 days before  are dedicated to méditation, then the day before people erect the ‘penjor’ in front of each house.
Offerings and praying are made to God and holy ancestral spirits who come down to earth. The Balinese usually return to their family hometowns and villages to reunite with their families and elders.
Here on the picture the colorful holy decoration used for the celebration of Galungan: they are made of palm tree leaves and orn the streets in the villages as well as the houses.

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Special Trail Bike Event in Pekutatan this week

Special Trail Bike Event in Pekutatan this week

Over 400 trail bikers from Bali, Java and Sumatra gave themselves appointment in Pekutatan this week to share their passion on the trails of West Bali. The route chosen by the organizers was particularly ambitious: Starting point on the Pekutatan beach and finish the evening in Bedugul near the famous temple of Ulu Danu. And return the next day to Pekutatan by different paths. A unique opportunity for them to discover the natural treasures of West Bali. Many bikers have chosen Dajuma as a resting place, creating some animation in the hotel with parking invaded by the latest models of trail bikes.

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The three Herons

The three Herons

The beach of Dajuma is the place of a continuous show: families practicing their ancestral “mandi mandi”, a sea bath in the natural volcano holes, proud fishermen leaving every afternoon for their night fishing campaign, and a lot of birds; seagulls, magnificent blue kingfishers and more rarely some grey herons. This is what happened yesterday with these 3 majestuous birds, the largest ones in the region going from Sumatra to Bali, in search of some fish on  the  cape where  Dajuma was built. The « Great-billed Heron » likes mangrove, beaches and costal reef of the small islands : a resident throughout the Greater Sundas.

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Dajuma’s CSR: Go study auction

Dajuma social responsibility

Though we wish to preserve Bali’s beautiful countryside by reducing Dajuma’s environmental footprint, we are concerned by Bali’s needs in terms of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

On this topic, one major priority remains allowing children to go to school. As such, our team chose supporting Bali Children Foundation: www.balichildrenfoundation.org. Its main objective is to provide community education in remote areas of Bali.

Since July 2014, the BCF has increased their number of scholarships to cover the education of approximately 1000 students living across 30 communities and 2 children’s homes.

For the second time, this dynamic foundation has been organizing  the Go Study Auction on October 28th. The previous edition in April helped supporting 5 communities and 1 children’s home in West Bali.

Our team is very excited to support this great initiative for education of underprivileged children.

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Who are our guests? The example of Argos engineers.

Argos engineers

Argos is a name well-known from the public because of these famous aeronautical beacons which ensure the safety of all flights around the world. Probably you already heard about it.
As an eco-resort, Dajuma is proud to welcome Florent and Pascal who are working for PT CLS Argos Indonesia, a subsidiary of the french companies CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) and Ifremer. They visit us every month for a few days, their role consisting in supervising an important project in Perancak.
CLS Argos company is specialised in the observation of our planet from space and has revolutionised understanding and protection of our environment. At the core of this system: Argos beacons, altimeters for ocean observation, space radars which monitor maritime regions. The CNES subsidiary operates and processes data from more than 80 instruments on board of nearly 40 satellites.
As such, CLS is a major contributor to global efforts in the field of environmental monitoring, sustainable management of marine resources and maritime safety.
You will be always most welcome at Dajuma!

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Traditional weaving looms…

Traditional weaving looms

There is a kind of fascination to observe the patient work of skilled villagers working on traditional weawing looms in Negara,  not far from Dajuma.
The bobbin is loaded with a wire already tinted by segments, according to the pattern chosen by the artist. Operated by the weaver, the bobbin, by a continuous coming and going, will feed the frame. Ultimately, the so called “ikat” fabric slowly born with blur of the best effect, which is related to the vagueness of the craft machine.
A very interesting curiosity, part of our tour “Discover West Bali”!
On the picture, the ikat under weaving featuring the famous buffalo races (Mekepung) typical from West Bali.

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