Hari Ulang Tahun – Happy Birthday!

Hari Ulang Tahun - Happy Birthday!

In presence of I Made Kembang Hartawan, Vice Governor of the Regency of Jembrana, the hotel school of Pekutatan celebrated last week, on the very holy day of Saraswati (Saturday, May 2nd), its 2nd anniversary. In a beautiful natural setting, a show of Balimese dances followed by a delicious meal were offered to the guests, everything prepared by the students of the school. Very unusual, the players of the Jegog orchestra were girls instead of the traditional boys… Perhaps a sign that things are changing in Bali? Created in 2013 to accompany the tourism development in this virgin part of Bali, the school is headed by I Gusti Putu Sudama and has already gained a solid reputation, attracting every year more than 100 students from all over the Regency. Dajuma is proud to participate to the development of the school and wish it all the best for a bright future!

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Internships at Dajuma: preparing the future…

Internships at Dajuma - preparing the future

Recently opened in 2013, the Hotel School of Pekutatan welcomes every year a lot of students who are eager to embrace one of the numerous and exciting jobs of the tourism industry.
Part of the 3 year learning process is a 2 months internship every year, as assistant in a hotel. Dajuma is glad to welcome every year these motivated students. Here on the picture, Suci, Sri and Purnami, 3 of them acting in the kitchen with their adorable black tie. We wish you all the best for the future!

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Birds « mandi-mandi » at Dajuma

Birds « mandi-mandi » at Dajuma

In the exuberant Dajuma garden, at the detour of the paths adorned with frangipanies, bougainvillers and other ibiscus one can have the surprise to see nice birds practicing the traditional Balinese « mandi-mandi » (« bath-shower ») in stone basins covered with waterlily flowers.
Here on the picture, a family of Scaly-breasted Munia birds easily recognizable with their plastron looking like leopard skin. A rare moment to savor!

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Facelift of our Rama Bar

Facelift of our Rama Bar

It was time to change the decoration of our bar in Rama restaurant !
After 12 years of loyal service, the red bricks have been replaced by nice ceramics looking like corals, the seats made from teak wood and leather are more comfortable than before. The opinions of our guests are unanimous to say that it looks great !
One more good reason to savour our delicious cocktails in a warm and friendly atmosphere!

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Dajuma Taman

Dajuma Taman

One specific feature of Dajuma, often mentioned in the comments of our guests is its tropical garden or « Taman » in Bahasa Indonesia. Our Head Gardener Anom (3rd from the left) is the master of the place: with his team composed of 4 people (Sunarta, Mudita, Gunaya, and Sumawa missing on the picture) all from the village of Pekutatan he created a wonderful 1,5 hectar park where thousand of flowers and trees are coexisting in the most harmonious arrangement. Not so easy to choose his or her preferred specy in this floral expansion but for sure there are for all tastes!

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A visit to Panti Asuhan Budi Mulia Orphanage

A visit to Panti Asuhan Budi Mulia Orphanage

The support of the orphanage Panti Asuhan Budi Mulia is one of the concerns of Puri Dajuma in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.
This orphanage is located in the sub-district of Pulukan Pekutatan, a few kilometers from the hotel. Children who live there come from different parts of Indonesia: Java, Manado, Batam, Bali and Sulawesi.
On the picture our Priest Sri Anggrayani is greeting the lady in charge Ibu Ni Luh Raiwartini. We are used to regularly offer a donation which depends on the needs of the orphanage. This time, it was 50 kg rice.

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Dajuma is also the ideal place for celebrating a wedding. Why? Because of the beauty of the location and the quality of the service of course but not only: the young married couples are used to say that there is also a specific spirit in Dajuma made of serenity and spirituality which fits with this kind of ceremony. This is what happened last week with the wedding of Peter and Karin from Germany. Many friends came to celebrate their commitment. A special and touching moment. Our sincere congratulations!

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Where are the most beautiful rice paddies in Bali?

Where are the most beautiful rice paddies in Bali

This is the question often asked by our guests!
Honestly speaking, it is not easy to answer such a question because there are so many places in Bali where the rice paddies deploy their harmonious curves so well arranged by the farmers.
Should you prefer mountain paddies, the most beautiful are probably in the area of Munduk and Pupuan. With an open landscape as a background, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, the famous rice terraces of Jatiluwih are probably among the prettiest.
Around Dajuma, we have also a lot of rice fields in between the mountains and the ocean with an outstanding particularity: we can see in their background the ocean and the Java volcanoes. Just superb!

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English courses at Dajuma

English courses at Dajuma

While staying at Dajuma, our staff loves communicating with our guests and reciprocally. Sometimes but rarely in Bahasa Indonesia and of course, mostly in English. So we decided to organise private lessons on a regular basis under the guidance of a professional teacher from the nearby village. Every year we can appreciate the outstanding progresses made by our staff, from the gardeners to the waiters passing by the room boys, the cooks or the security officers. An indispensable way to penetrate the unique Balinese culture…
On the picture from left to right : Adi (Maintenance), Mudita (Garden), Misrin (Security), Ayu (Teacher), Suarbawa (Housekeeping), Sumawa (Garden), Ni Nyoman Wiastini (Teacher), Suarbawa (Housekeeping), Sumawa (Garden).

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Home Made Marmelade!

Home made marmelade!

Who ever tasted our delicious home-made marmelade, will keep it for a long time as a reminiscence of his stay at Dajuma, a little bit like the Proust’s Madeleine! Regularly made from the papaya, mango, pineapple, strawberry and other seasonal fruit, the marmelade accompanies fresh bread and pastries, also home-made, making your breakfast a pleasant moment to start your day!
It’s also good for our environment by reducing the packaging waste, favoring the local production and by consequence, limiting our carbon footprint.

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