SECRET BALI: A NEW GUIDE LIKE NO OTHER... Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

Dajuma has the privilege to be neighbours of Mark and Narina, a dynamic couple of modern adventurers, lovers without moderation of people, culture and nature.
After a successful career in South Africa as writer, editor and photographer, Narina decided in 2012 to roam the world with Mark, exploring wherever their work takes them. She has contributed to titles including Men’s Health, The Telegraph, Fodor’s, The Guardian, High Life, CNN, Marie Claire, South China Morning Post, Getaway, Grazia and Discovery.
As freelance journalist, Mark has been travelling the world on various assignments for more than 80 titles, including BBC Wildlife, BBC Earth, Esquire, Geographical, The Guardian, CNN Traveller, Sunday Times, CNN Travel, BBC Travel and Travel Africa.
Based on their extensive experience in Bali, they have just released an exciting guide intitled Secret Bali in both languages English and French, which is readable like a novel. For those of you who already know Bali, you will be very surprised by the numbers of hidden gems, both natural and cultural, they still discovered. And for those who don’t know Bali at all, this book is just perfect to discover, off the beaten tracks, the unique atmosphere of the Island of the Gods.
Thank you Narina and Mark for your outstanding contribution. and

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