NYEPI, “Art in Rituals” Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

This week Balinese people are happy and excited to welcome the Balinese New Year Caka 1941, known as NYEPI DAY on March 7, 2019 with various preparations. One of the important and interesting element prepared is Ogoh-Ogoh. It is a demonic statues made of richly painted bamboo, cloth, and tinsel. It symbolizes negative elements or malevolent spirits or even characters from Hindu mythology, which will be burned after paraded around the village to neutralize the negative spirit. The making of ogoh-ogoh is not only part of the rituals in the celebration of Nyepi, but also becomes a chance for Balinese youth to express their creativity in art. Ogoh-Ogoh will be paraded around the village a day before Nyepi Day, we invite our guests to watch the ogoh-ogoh parade in the village. It will be so interesting to see the Balinese culture and feel the spirit of Nyepi Day together with the locals, So don’t miss it!!

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