What a memorable moment, Dajuma‘s 10 year anniversary! The day was filled with great surprises and touching moments. The entire Dajuma family was reunited to share, live and participate to this milestone. Our gardeners took up the challenge of creating the special atmosphere you can only find in Dajuma: a mix between tradition, international guests in an outstanding sunset scenery. Traditional delicacy was prepared by our dedicated chefs, all the staff was together taking care of every detail, alumni from the neighboring school danced, sung and played Jegog (bamboo) music for the best entertainment experience in West Bali. The entire village attended the event together with our guests way after the 12h00am mark. Waking up next morning was like emerging from a dream. A dream that could be experienced only once in a life time. Happy 2013 to all who helped to make Dajuma an example of friendship, fraternity and professionalism of eco-tourism! To our future guests we can’t wait to have you with us and participate in the writing of the next milestone of Dajuma.

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