FAREWELL DEAREST FRIEND EDI Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali 1

We were so impressed when we met Edi a few weeks ago. From his own house in Gumbrih village, located ten minutes from Puri Dajuma, this  handsome and friendly young man aged 36,  was taking  care of any wild animal in danger. Of the babies when their parents have been killed like civette babies, of the bats, monkeys or wild cats.
But I Putu Agus Edi Darmawan was before all known as a snake specialist. He joined the rescue snakes organization in Bali. He always helped people around to catch the snakes and release them to their natural habitat in the forest. He also taught the people to identify the snakes, poisonous or not, handle them without killing them. He also spread information about them through a document explaining why snakes are useful in nature, which ones are dangerous or harmless and what to do in case of bite.

Today the West Bali community is very sad because Edi passed away a couple of days ago, bitten by a king cobra at Pangyangan village. It happened  when he fell accidently holding in his hands the snake just captured.
Our sincere condolences to his wife and his fourteen years old daughter. The cremation ceremony will be conducted on Tuesday 19th April 2016.
Goodbye friend, rest in peace

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