One of Dajuma’s most popular trips is going snorkeling or Diving at Menjangan Island. We had the pleasure to welcome the nice Blanc family. When we spoke to them about seeing Nemo in his natural habitat, the entire family was enthusiast about the idea. For Kim 6 and Kylie 8 years old, it was important to take time to learn about snorkeling. Therefore the days before, we spent with them 2 hours in our pool with mask and tuba. When we arrived at Menjanagan, the lesson was well understood. The family was accompanied by two guides Putu and Budy who took special care for the girls so parents could enjoy freely the beautiful ocean. We did two snorkelings with a lunch break in between. We took pictures. Back to Dajuma, the parents were delighted about the tour and the progress and confidence of their girls swimming. Another happy moment to share at Dajuma! Nemo I can’t wait to see you again!

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