This is our 3rd and last blog post on Nyepi ritual. As you may remember, Nyepi stands for one of the most important Hindu ceremony in Bali not only to purify everyone’s soul and body but also to chase away demons and bad feelings while restoring the cosmic balance that is disrupted by man’s greed in exploiting the earth. After the effigies of demons, the so-called Ogoh-Ogoh, are put to fire, everyone takes time for introspection. To do so, four main principles are put in practice:
Amati karya: refraining from working.
Amati geni: refraining from lighting fire or using light.
Amati Lelugan: not going Outside the family compound.
Amati leleanguan: refraining from indulgences.
The entire island is shut down, including the airport, so that no plane lands or takes off on that day. Roads are completely desert. Only for question of life or death, ambulances, police or fire trucks will be alowed to take the road.
At Dajuma, our on duty staff will either come and go back by walk or sleep at the premises. The Pecalang (Religious Police) discretely monitors if the principles are observed. Several expat come from downtown Bali to escape and all guests appreciate this moment of serenity. One can ask himself: what are 24 hours of silence in a human life?
Come and experience next Nyepi on Monday, March 31st 2014!

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