Last week, we had the privilege to welcome a group of 12 brave cyclists (8 men, 4 women) from The Rotary Club of Taiwan, traveling from Kuta to Dajuma in a single day (80km). The challenge was organized by one of the oldest Taiwanese tour operator in Bali: J.F.Y Tour. The tour leader, Mr. Darwin Richard has been working and living in Bali for 11 years. He was only 16 year old when he started his business, making him the youngest Taiwanese tour guide based in Bali: what a passion! To re-envigorate the team, Dajuma’s chef prepared a nice Balinese buffet dinner on the grass, accompanied by Gambalan music. All the team enjoyed the sunset, sitting in circle to talk and exchange experiences in our peaceful and inspiring tropical garden. The next morning, they continued their journey towards Lovina. The cycling tour will end in Candidasa. The last leg of the tour will be done by bus and they will enjoy their last night in Sanur before taking the plane back to Taipei. Though their stay was rather short, we are sure they could feel the essence of real Bali while staying with us. They should have stayed one more night so as to experience some of the most Bali representative trails around here. We wish them a safe ride and trip back to Taiwan with not only soared legs but also with the mind filled with nice souvenirs of Bali and Dajuma.

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