Dajuma’s unique location is the starting point of many exhilarating half-day trips to unsuspected locations. One of them, deeply rooted in everybody’s dreams, is Perancak’s Dolphin tour where you can admire wild dolphin families playing in the straight of Bali a few kilometers off shore Dajuma. Surprising isn’t it? But don’t take us wrong: this is not an attraction, this is a gift of God. If you are a serious wild life protector, you will accept a wake up call at 4h30 to be on the sea at sun rise, taken there by a praho (local boat) from Perancak harbour. At 6h30 you will start to scrutinize the ocean. Suddenly the magic will happen. Dolphin’s ballet, all around you. Our praho will gently follow them. But remember: those dolphins are wild and follow banks of small fish that serve them as breakfast. Again as a serious wild life protector, you will have to accept to see no dolphins at all. At least you will have shared a day of the fishermen’s everyday life in the outstanding setting of an ocean sunrise bound by Bali’s and Java’s chain of volcanos. A good moment of friendship and exclusive focus on the marine natural surroundings of Bali. How often can you expect this in our actual world? Come and join us!

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