70th anniversary of Puputan Margarana Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali

70th anniversary of Puputan Margarana

Everybody visiting Indonesia heard about Colonel Ngurah Raï whose name is celebrated everywhere including in the name of Bali International Airport.
But very few know that this national hero landed with his troops on the beach in front of Dajuma in April 1946 to bypass the blocus of the island by the Dutch army.
On November 20th,  the authorities celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Puputan Margarana (« fight until the end ») at Taman Pujaan Bangsa (TPB) Margarana, as a form of respect and appreciation for the service and sacrifice of heroes.
The ceremony was led by the Deputy Governor of Bali, I Ketut Sudikerta. In his speech, He said « the memorial is the momentum of renewal of the historical values of the nation. The Puputan led by Lieutenant Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai, against the invaders who wanted to regain control of the country, shows the spirit of struggle and unity of the people of Bali, as an integral part of the Republic of Indonesia. »

DAJUMA OUTING Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali tours excursions visiting


Dajuma staff took last week some good time with a trip to Malang organised in 2 groups of 30 people each. Everything has been carefully prepared by the management (Erly HR, Alit and Rondy GMs).
Let Alit (white shirt on the right) report these 3 days of discovery of East Java.
The trip started at 7 am from Dajuma with a comfortable bus of 45 seats directly to Malang where we arrived around 17.00 at Swiss Bell Hotel (check in time).
After two hours rest and shower we prepared a first visit to BNS (Batu Night Spectacular ) until 10 pm.
There are dozens of rides that we will not be able to forget after enjoying them like a ghost gallery, a slalom test, the highest air bike, garden lanterns, and trampoline.
In these places you can also test your adrenaline by trying some of the rides like a drag race, mouse coaster, and several other games.
Second day we started at 9 am after breakfast doing rafting on the river Brantas. It can indeed make the heart beat hard. Not only because of collisions with river rocks, but also the effect of plunging following the swift river currents. Sensations also vary. Sometimes twisted like a snake, sometimes too rocked.
Everybody ate a lot after rafting around 2,5 hours, next visit to pick up the apple fruit directly from the tree (Apple is famous fruit from Malang).
The last day, we visited JATIM PARK 2 (recreation Park in Batu with Secret Zoo and Animal Museum). In Secret Zoo we also visited Savannah,  a traditional African village with African atmosphere.There are huts with roof made by straw where pigs and another animals are walking around.
Finally, all the team went shopping to bring back some nice souvenirs from Malang while on the way back to Dajuma.

SUNSET TIME AT DAJUMA BENDEGA Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


Every dusk is a delight at Dajuma with breathtaking sunsets ! The resort being on a cape oriented full west, one can see stunning sunsets from almost any area with different angles. What a show to see the local fishermen pushing their prahos to the sea and preparing themselves to spend the night fishing offshore!
On the picture, the view we have from our brand new Bendega restaurant. Just beautiful!

SEASON  OF FLAMBOYANTS Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, West Bali


The flowering season for the Flamboyant also called “Flame Tree” is now approaching in Bali. Originated from Madagascar and discovered at the beginning of the 19th century, the flamboyant is now present in almost all tropical countries. In Bali, it is always a great pleasure to see this so well named tree along the roads growing wildely or on the contrary pampered in private gardens as adornly trees. In both cases it is a shock for westerners to suddenly see the sky flaming. On the picture a flamboyant on the road to Perancak, a nice spot to visit close to Dajuma, with its incredible fishermen boats.