Bali Resorts and Spa: A Perfect Natural Environment - Puri Dajuma

Dajuma Eco-Resort

Though we are pleased to offer our guests the basic assets of higher range hospitality (Air conditioning, hot water, high pressure water supply, private fridge, international food), we are concerned with their environmental and climate impacts.

Also, we designed the hotel facilities so as to reduce those impacts partly through individual behaviour:

  • Local treatment of used water by eco-ceramic septic tanks. No output to the sea.
  • Using eco lab products for the cleaning, labeled shampoo and soap
  • No chemicals for the garden
  • All spa oils + made with natural materials
  • Organic vegetables in the kitchen
  • Fresh local sea food bought directly from Pekutatan Village
  • Use the local soft natural water
  • Low consumption lamps
  • Recycling of plastic and carton with the help of the local community
  • On site maintenance of most equipment instead of replacing
  • Paper less and green marketing
  • 4 different types of vehicles to adapt the vehicle size to the exact need of the pass
  • All build from natural + local materials
  • Eco tourism tours
  • Family type run resort, in respect of Bali tradition, culture, and religion
  • Social cooperation with surrounding villages, promotion of local talents and culture
  • Human Resources policy: social protection (Health care, retirement), 90% local employee, 100% Bali people, participating management
  • Incitation to eco friendly procedure