Nature in Bali : Explore Bali's unique natural treasures...

SubMarine National Park

The Menjangan National Park is acknowledged as one of the world's richest submarine parks thanks to its fantastic diversity of coral and fish species. Located on Bali's northern coast, the park is only one hour's drive from your cottage. Not only is it remarkable for its tremendous variety of fish species, it is also situated in the protective shadow of the Javanese volcanoes a few kilometers past the Bali Strait, midway between the sea, the semi-arid island and the sky, and offers a landscape of stunning contrasts.

National Volcano Parks

Batur Volcano :
The Pekutatan fishing village lies at the lower reaches of West Bali National Park, which extends upwards and culminates in the holy Batur volcano. Ranging from tropical rain forest bordering the sea up to high-altitude, arid and cool semi-active volcanoes, the Park is home to a variety of self-contained landscapes that have been shaped over thousands of years by the Balinese. As such, they offer many hiking possibilities either in the nearby tropical countryside or somewhat further afield through this profuse diversity of plant and animal life, at staggered elevations.

Bromo & Semeru :
Another fascinating National Park can be found in Western Java. The Semeru National Park is one of Indonesia's largest, most impressive volcanic parks. Still active volcanoes sit in a rugged caldera from which you can observe periodic blasts every 30 minutes from the high Semeru volcano: a giant plume of smoke rises high into the atmosphere, as if greeting the smaller but still smoking Bromo volcano. The relatively high altitude of the area makes its vegetation completely different from that of the coast: desert-like landscape contrast sharply with the deep blue sky and afford you one of the most breathtaking sightseeing tours.

Rain Forest

Should you feel like going into the rain forest, you may prefer to go for a ramble under the protection of giant equatorial trees, penetrating into the deep chlorophyll green and drop by a waterfall where you will be delighted by frolicking monkeys and a cacophony of multicolored birds. You can then follow this up with a canoe tour along one of the rivers flowing down the volcanic slopes making your way back to your exquisite cottage, uplifted by this Balinese initiation to nature's jewels.