Dancing, Music & Cooking : Discover the secrets of Bali...

Dancing & Music

Bali is particularly renowned for the diversity and the beauty of its dances such as Legong, Barong, Kecak or Sang Hyang Dedari. Along with the Hindu religion, the Indian influence in Balinese dances is significant.

Balinese strong identity adapts these various influences with indigineous religion of animism and folklore traditions, creating an expression distinctively flavored by Balinese ethnicity.

Puri Dajuma is located in a village where the tradition of dancing is very strong with dancers able to introduce you or your children to this unique art.


Learn about the art of Balinese cooking and discover the secrets of this extraordinary cuisine in a pleasant and relaxing environment.

You will be taught and trained by Puri Dajuma Chefs who have many years of experience. They will be very pleased to hand on to you their secrete recipes !