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Little Girl and the Statue

Dajuma Little Girl And Statut

Close to the Rama restaurant, in the middle of the lawn,  your eye may be attracted by  a small traditional statue : a women carrying a flat basket on her head. Her location is now a holy place because the

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The tradition of floral decoration in Bali

The tradition of floral decoration in Bali

One of the most fascinating tradition in Bali is the preparation of decorative arrangements, generally made from flowers, bamboo and palm leaves. Everybody in a Balinese family is skilled enough to invent these decorations sometimes very complex. They are used

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Frangipani Flower

Frangipani Flower

No doubt, if there is one flower which people remember after visiting Bali, is frangipani flower. This well-known flower is used to enhance women beauty by putting it into their hair over their ears. Dancers use it to adorn their

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