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Little Girl and the Statue

Dajuma Little Girl And Statut

Close to the Rama restaurant, in the middle of the lawn,  your eye may be attracted by  a small traditional statue : a women carrying a flat basket on her head. Her location is now a holy place because the

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Welcome Back dear Agung!

Welcome back Agung!

Bali is renowned worldwide for the wealth of its culture, among which dancing is occupying a privileged position. Each village of the island supports as much as possible a dancing group as well as a gamelan or jegog orchestra. This

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Metatah Ceremony

Metatah Ceremony

In the Hindu religion there are 5 great elements belonging to Mother Nature: earth, water, air, fire and space. The humankind being part of it, each of these powers must be strongly linked to the humans, our bones to the

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Vacation time…

Vacation Time

There is no specific seasons in Bali, except the « rainy season » which is supposed to be between November and March, and dry season the rest of the year. Fit for children in terms of size, activities and atmosphère,

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First Aid training

First Aid Training

As part of our eco-policy, all Dajuma staff is invited every two years to participate in a  First Aid training aimed at ensuring the safest environment to our guests. This year the training was given by the doctors and the

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Bayu, Ayu and Ari celebrated their Mepetik ceremony

Bayu, Ayu and Ari celebrated their Mepetik ceremony

Bayu, one of our restaurant supervisor and the two children Ari and Ayu of our HR Manager Erly went last week through this important ceremony which takes place only one time in their life and called Mepetik. It consists in

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New uniforms

New uniforms

Year 2014 also started with an important event for Dajuma staff : the change of the uniforms. Each employee received a new uniform composed of a nice batik for the top and the traditional sarong. The fabric was chosen strong

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Natacha 6 months stay

Natacha 6 months stay

After several stays at Dajuma in the last 2 years, Natacha, an executive woman from France, decided to make a break in her hectic professional career by staying for 6 months in Dajuma. During this time she got more and

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The Magic Kris

The Magic Kris

Rev Martin Bieler was recently our guest for 2 weeks. Brilliant theologian from Switzerland, Martin has not only a passion for religion but also for knives from all around the world. He considers that knives are, since the dawn of

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One year already…

Indra Yasa

One year already that Indra passed away in a tragic accident. We received a lot of warm condolences from all around the world and we would like to thank all our guests and friends who shared our pain. Indra was

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