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The three Herons

The three Herons

The beach of Dajuma is the place of a continuous show: families practicing their ancestral “mandi mandi”, a sea bath in the natural volcano holes, proud fishermen leaving every afternoon for their night fishing campaign, and a lot of birds;

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Wood carving in Bali

Dajuma Wood Carving

For those who appreciate the Balinese Art, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauty of the carvings found everywhere around the island. Who not remained fascinated by observing the delicate work of woodcarvers who, with makeshift tools, are

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Where does the chocolate come from?

Where does the chocolate came from?

Dajuma is located next door the Pulukan State Plantation of 1180 ha where a lot of flora species such as coconut, rubber and clove trees, cocoa and vanilla plants, banana flowers are grown up by local and skilled farmers. For

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The tradition of floral decoration in Bali

The tradition of floral decoration in Bali

One of the most fascinating tradition in Bali is the preparation of decorative arrangements, generally made from flowers, bamboo and palm leaves. Everybody in a Balinese family is skilled enough to invent these decorations sometimes very complex. They are used

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Cleaning the rubbish around Dajuma

Cleaning the rubbish around Dajuma

In its eco-policy ( Puri Dajuma pays a lot of attention, among other things, to the cleanliness of its natural environment. Every Friday morning, each department delegates 2 of its staff members to participate in the cleaning of the area

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