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Dajuma welcomes every year many honeymooners and other guests celebrating specific events. One must say that the location as well as the garden of the resort are particularly suited for celebrations : nice rooms delicately decorated with flowers, romantic dinners

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There is a lovely tradition in Bali which consists in flying kites all around the island, all the year long. Since their youngest age, Balinese people are used to practice this  activity, starting from the construction of the kite up

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Congratulations to Eka!

Congratulations to Eka!

Putu Eka Rahayu Damayanthi is the eldest daughter of three sisters of our late Indra. Since her early childhood, led by her mother Kadek Anggrayani, herself talented dancer, Eka studied the Balinese dances so beautiful to look at but so

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Every week on Saturday, the children with their teachers come to the beach in front of Dajuma to do exercise. The pupils come from the kindergarden to the elementary school in Pekutatan called TK Harapan 2. They choose this place

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Tanteri museum

In West Bali, one place becomes attractive for tourism: the Tanteri ceramic factory, which is also our main chinaware supplier. It is located in Pejaten, between Tabanan and Tanah Lot temple. I Made Tanteri has been the head of the

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Christmas & Galungan

Christmas & Galungan

This year is particular in Bali as the the celebrations of Galungan and Christmas fall almost at the same time : 17th and 25th. Perhaps a sign that religions are sometimes converging. In any case it makes sense for Bali

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Galungan celebration

Galungan celebration

A special célébration time began already in Bali, culminating with Galungan Day, this Wednesday, December 17th. Galungan marks the beginning of the most important recurring cérémonies according to the ’210 day Balinese Pawukon Calendar’. The festival symbolizes the victory of

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Traditional weaving looms…

Traditional weaving looms

There is a kind of fascination to observe the patient work of skilled villagers working on traditional weawing looms in Negara,  not far from Dajuma. The bobbin is loaded with a wire already tinted by segments, according to the pattern

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Little Girl and the Statue

Dajuma Little Girl And Statut

Close to the Rama restaurant, in the middle of the lawn,  your eye may be attracted by  a small traditional statue : a women carrying a flat basket on her head. Her location is now a holy place because the

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Wood carving in Bali

Dajuma Wood Carving

For those who appreciate the Balinese Art, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauty of the carvings found everywhere around the island. Who not remained fascinated by observing the delicate work of woodcarvers who, with makeshift tools, are

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