Orphanage Support

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Orphanage Support

Dajuma supports one orphanage of 14 kids. Located 10mns by car from Dajuma,  Budi Mulia orphanage receives great attention by many guests. Thereby, Brad, a principle who manages an elementary school of 355 children in Melbourne, came to visit the orphanage. Even during his vacation, Brad’s hobby is to keep in contact with his students. He developed a blog to exchange and sensibilize them to other parts of the world and to put them in contact with children of other cultures. What a great initiative! Brad is now back to school and will directly support the orphanage by raising funds through various activities with his kids. They will also exchange drawings among them. We are very happy to be the facilitators and hope more will come and join Brad’s action.

PURI DAJUMA is 18 top class cottages, 2 suites, 1 villa built in Balinese style, with a romantic restaurant, an overflowing pool and a SPA center, all enjoying a panoramic view of the ocean. Contact +62 (0)811 388709.

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